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Wisdom From a Furry Friend: A Unique Feline Resides at the Humane Society of Washington County

Wisdom From a Furry Friend
A Unique Feline Resides at the Humane Society of Washington County

Hello. My name is Abram and I am a rare breed of cat known as a Scottish Fold. I came to live at the Humane Society of Washington County (HSWC) because I was a stray. That means that I don't have a permanent home and am waiting to be adopted.
Just like other Scottish Folds I have gently folded ears that give me an endearing appearance. I also have a sweet nature and I am great with children and pets and are not a demanding cat. My breed was discovered in 1961 by a Scottish shepherd named William Ross. We originated on a farm in the Tayside Region of Scotland. My unique appearance combined with my gentle disposition makes me and my fellow Scottish Folds wonderful family companions. We have tiny voices but we don't use them much. We crave human companionship and are adaptable to a variety of living situations. We are as comfortable in a large family filled with activity as we are living in a quiet home with just one other person.
You know, being a stray can be difficult and there are a number of stray and feral cats in this county. February 24th 2009 is nationally recognized Spay Day USA and the HSWC is collaborating with local veterinarians at Longmeadow Animal Hospital, Antietam Valley Animal Hospital and Mid Atlantic Veterinary Clinic to promote the neutering and spaying of feral and stray cats in Washington County.
The program is being administered through the HSWC's CatSnip program. For a $20.00 co-pay for each cat a Washington County resident will be issued a voucher that will cover the cost of the surgery and pain medicine, a rabies vaccination and testing for some contagious diseases. Don't call the veterinarians offices. You need to call Brian Filon at the HSWC for an appointment at 301 733 2060 and ask for extension 215.
Paul Miller, the Executive Director of the HSWC, is happy to be working with the veterinarians to help reduce the overpopulation of stray and feral cats in this county. Each spring the shelter sees a tremendous increase in the number unwanted litters of kittens. To stop this from happening female cats need to be spayed and male cats need to be neutered. Mr. Miller is hopeful that with the veterinarians help the shelter won't see the tremendous influx of litters of stray kittens this year that they have seen in years prior.
So, call and talk to Brian. He may be able to help you get that stray cat that has been camping out around your house altered so he or she won't produce a litter of unwanted kittens. If we all work together, we can stop the over population of unwanted pets in Washington County.
Come to the Humane Society of Washington County and adopt a homeless pet like me. I am here waiting to meet you and maybe I can go home with you. Who knows, maybe you can be my belated Valentine!

The Humane Society of Washington County is located at 13011 Maugansville Road in Hagerstown Ph: 301-733-2060. Fax: 301-733-0248.

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