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Fish News: Spring Fishing Classic

Fish News
Spring Fishing Classic

The Hampton Bass Pro Store has asked our club to have a booth at their Spring Fishing Classic. The dates that we will be there are March 6-8. We need volunteers to help man the booth. Get with Nelson Ortiz if you can help out with the booth.
It is time to pay our dues for 2009. Dues remain $30 for a family membership for another year.
Make sure to reserve the evening of February 27. That will be the night of our annual awards banquet. Cost will be $27 for adults and $5 for children 10 and under eating the child's chicken tender meal (children 4 and under are free but we still need to count them). Adult menu selections include: chicken picatta, prime roast beef, and crab cakes with country ham. The Chum Line has a reservation form: Get your meal selections in as soon as you can.
Feb. 10, report from Capt. Brincefield: On the way out we heard a mayday call from a commercial fishing vessel which was NE of the Canyon - Carolina Lady that was on fire. A Navy ship went to rescue them. They got the fire out and nobody was hurt. They headed back into OI with a sister ship escort. All they lost was their steering. Hope they made it back okay, we lost contact in the afternoon. We started out Sea Bassin' at several wrecks and it was the same old story. Rippin' currents and lots of Dawg Sharks. We tried several Blueline Tilefish spots and the saga continued. As the day progressed, the winds picked up which only increased our drift speed and made the fishing tougher. The Car Salesman made 1 brief appearance in the afternoon, which boosted everyone's spirits. I think the Doggies are the worst I've ever seen this year. But our crew really hung in there and persevered. We boated a respectable 148 keeper portly Black Sea Bass up to 4.75 pounds, a 7 lb. Blueline Tilefish, 1 Cunner, and 1 hideous Conger Eel. The Doggies were relentless. We also had an unusually large number of undersized Black Sea Bass today (all released). That sure was a whole lotta crankin'! I think next trip we'll try some new spots to try and get away from these critters...if there is such a place. It's a good thing the incompetent fisheries managers have shut down the commercial fisheries on the Doggies - what with their diminished population and all. But make sure to keep letting 'em catch up all the Trout they need cause Lord knows we've got plenty of them... YEESH.
Feb. 7, Rick Wineman did some offshore bottom fishing in the area of the Norfolk Canyon. They caught a limit of blueline tilefish including 2, which weighed in at more than 11 pounds. They also caught a bunch of nice sea bass up to 4.5 pounds.
Feb. 7, Ric Burnley fished the Tower Reef area for tautog. They caught one.

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