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Life by Design: Be Still

Life by Design
Be Still

"I feel out of phase with myself. I don't know what is happening but it seems like there is "no one home" - like I am just a mind running around in an empty body. How can I get grounded again?"
We are a busy culture. We like things to be fast. We like things to get results. This fast pace of our culture seduces us into moving fast in order to keep up.
We each have our own personal rhythm. And we all have a shared biological rhythm. The planet earth resonates at about 7.83 cycles per second - the pulse or the heartbeat of the earth itself. And - it is no coincidence - our bodies resonate at this very same rhythm - 7.83 cycles per second. When we are in a state of deep engagement, our brain waves pulse at 7.83 cycles per second- the alpha frequency.
When we are not so busy trying to go faster and we let our bodies fall into their natural rhythm, we re-synchronize ourselves and fall into the same rhythmic beat as the earth - as our planetary life force.
If you allow your self to fall into your natural rhythm, you will re-connect your self to the vast amount of energy in the planetary life force - of which you are part. When you resonate with life's natural pulse, you become naturally attuned to everything and everyone around you and your perception sharpens and expands. You feel at home in your body again.
How do you allow your self to fall back into your natural rhythm? It is simple - just be still.
When you are not trying to impose a rhythm on the body, it will eventually seek its natural rhythm. You can do this anytime, anywhere. But because it may have been awhile since you have taken the opportunity to be still, it helps to place yourself in a natural place and just be there. You don't have to make anything happen - it is already happening. You just have to be still enough to notice.
When two sources are harmonically tuned to each other, the energy from one source can be transferred to the other source. The body and the earth are naturally attuned to each other - they have the same resonate frequency - this enables the energy from the earth to be transferred to your body. The earth has the power to entrain the body back to the shared natural rhythm of 7.83 cycles per second - to enable you to feel and experience your connection to the planetary life force.
Take some time every day and just be still. Don't pay attention to your breathing. Don't meditate. Don't pray. Don't journal. Just be still and let yourself reconnect to your natural rhythm - let yourself re-experience the flow, harmony, pulsation, and intelligence of the planetary life force. What better grounding could there be!

Mary Ann Copson is a Life Coach who specializes in helping her clients become aware of themselves as the creative transformational force in their life. You can visit her online at or reach her by phone at 434-263-4996.

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