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Garden Fresh Farmer's Markets

Garden Fresh Farmer's Markets

Farmers' markets, sometimes called greenmarkets, are markets, usually held out-of-doors, in public spaces, where farmers can sell produce to the public.
Farmers' market produce is renowned for being locally-grown and very fresh. These markets often feature produce grown naturally or organically, meats that are raised humanely on pasture, handmade farmstead cheeses, eggs and poultry from free-range fowl, as well as heirloom produce and heritage breeds of meat and fowl.
Washington County offers wonderful farmer's markets. On top of selling the freshest produce and meats in the area, local residents sell handmade crafts, regional arts, homemade foods, baked goods and more.
One of the largest and oldest farmer's market in Hagerstown is Hagerstown City Farmer's Market in downtown Hagerstown. This large market has been selling their goods to consumers throughout the area since 1791.
The Pennsylvania Dutch Market in the north end of Hagerstown in the Longmeadow Shopping Center is another popular and large farmer's market. There they offer handcrafted Amish furniture and crafts, gift shops, fresh meats, foods ranging from breads to pickles to pretzels to cheeses. This splendid market also offers several eateries, which serve sandwiches and subs, Italian foods, and more. Here you can enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner.
If you've never really taken the time to visit a farmer's market, do so today. Below is a list just a few miles from each other.
Washington County Farmer's Market
Prime Outlets-Hagerstown, Route 65.
Open 3:30-6:30pm, Wednesdays from May to October; 10am-1pm Saturdays from June to September. For more information call them at 301-733-4551.
Pennsylvania Dutch Market of Hagerstown
1583 Potomac Avenue, Hagerstown.
Open 9am-6pm Thursday; 9am-8pm Friday, and 9am-3pm Saturday. For more information visit or call 240-420-8555.
Hagerstown City Farmer's Market
25 W. Church Street, Hagerstown.
Open 5am-1pm Saturdays year round. For more information call 301-739-8577 x183 or visit them online at
Hepburn Orchards Fruit Market
557 E. Main Street, Hancock
Open 5am-1pm Saturdays year round. For over 40 years, Hepburn Orchards Fruit Market has been owned and operated by the Hepburn Family... and they have maintained the old-fashioned, country atmosphere by still providing fresh fruits, vegetables, and friendly faces! For more information call 301-678-6147 or visit

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