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Several Acres of Grapes Being Planted at Knob Hall Winery

Several Acres of Grapes Being Planted at Knob Hall Winery; When Completed This Washington County Winery Will be Largest in Maryland

(Clear Spring, MD)- The owners of Knob Hall Winery near Clear Spring planted several more acres of grape varieties last spring. According to Richard Seibert, "We planted eight acres last year: one acre each of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Vidal Blanc; and five acres of Chamborcin. This year, we have already planted five acres of Vidal Blanc, and one acre of Traminette." Seibert says that the Traminette is a white grape variety, which produces a wine akin to a Riesling. "In addition, we will receive Cabernet Franc vines within the next week or two so that we can plant an additional two acres."
Seibert explained that the winery is planting thousands of individual grape vines this spring. This year the winery will have a total of 16 acres of grapes. By the end of 2009 the winery plans to have a total of 46 acres of grapes planted, and by 2010 it will have 60 acres, which according to the Maryland Wineries Association will make it the largest winery in the State of Maryland (out of an expected 38 commercial wineries by 2010).
Knob Hall Winery has plans to begin making wine during this year. However, the wine that the winery will produce will be various "berry" wines, as the winery's new equipment begins production.
The winery is located on the 173-acre Clear Spring farm owned and managed by Dick and Mary Beth Seibert. The winery is also beginning to finalize the architectural designs for several buildings, which will include a banquet hall suitable for events and wedding receptions, and a retail location for visitors.
When operational, Knob Hall Winery will be the only winery in Washington County, and will have a large variety of grapes under production.
The winery is one of eight new wineries expected to open during 2008 in the State of Maryland, and is a member of the Maryland Wineries Association. Currently, there are 31 wineries currently licensed in Maryland.
There are two members of the Maryland Grape Growers Association with commercial vineyards in Washington County. These are located in the southern part of Washington County (Brownsville and Knoxville), and do not produce grapes for a local winery. For more information about Maryland wineries, or about Maryland grape growers, see:
For more information about the winery, contact:
Knob Hall Winery
14108 St. Paul Road
Clear Spring, MD 21722
Knob Hall Winery is a member of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau, for more information, see:

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