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Editorial: Summer At Last

Summer At Last

Well it's summer at last! Time for swimming, lazing in the shade, playing all day and chasing fireflies at night, Fourth of July, bar-b-ques, vacations, cold watermelon, sleepovers, friends, playing flashlight tag and much much more. As a kid, summer wasn't only awesome because there was no school, it was the season for no time restrictions...we came and went as we pleased. Summer is laid-back, relaxing, and a time for travel.
A vacation gives everyone in the family a chance to share the same experiences, to laugh together, play together, and just be together.
Where will you go this summer? Some people like to pack up and drive 5 or more hours for a week's getaway. Not all vacations require travel, two weeks, and big bucks.
Did you know that Maryland has been called "America in Miniature"? That's because so much is packed into its 10,460 square miles of land and water. It is said that you can find just about any kind of natural feature here - except a desert, because there's so much water.
Maryland is characterized by diversity, including both sea and mountain, urban and rural, historic and modern opportunities for the visitor - this state has something for everyone!
Like Kentucky: White painted board fences enclose hundreds of rolling acres of green pasturage, surrounding cattle and horses.
Delivery of Goods: Dundalk Marine Terminal, where goods from all over the world. Maryland has been a vital transportation hub since Colonial times with America's very first railroad being built here - the Baltimore & Ohio.
Economy on the Rise: Ocean City, once a sleepy little family resort, now has huge condominiums, mini-skycrapers, and commercial developments popping up all over the place
History & Nature: Hagerstown, where the terrain becomes hilly and open - full of 19th century history even though subdivisions are popping up around it, housing workers of DC and Northern Virginia.
In the Mountains: Western Maryland where the countryside grows rugged, sparsely populated with jagged hills and deep forests. There's skiing and winter sports here in Deep Creek, but winter sometimes sticks around a little bit longer than in other parts of Maryland.
Whether your family enjoys camping trips that take you to a rustic cabin at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland, the famous boardwalk and beaches of Ocean City on the Eastern Shore, the museums in historic Annapolis, the unique shopping and sightseeing adventures of Baltimore's Inner Harbor, golfing on one of our championship courses, crabbing on the Chesapeake Bay, exploring America's history on the battlefields of Antietam - you're sure to love Maryland.
Of course I didn't name everything Maryland has to offer - what fun would it be if you only had to read about it? Now grab a tourism guide and get out there!

Yours in Ink,

Jennifer Leese, Editor

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