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Allison-Antrim Museum

Allison-Antrim Museum

Allison-Antrim Museum, located in Greencastle, PA, provides a home for the artifacts, treasures, and history of Greencastle-Antrim. Many items of historical value to the area have already been "lost" for a variety of reasons. With the founding of AAMI, the future of their historical legacy will be more secure.
Allison is John Allison, the founder of Greencastle. Antrim is the surrounding township.
Greencastle History
The land on which Greencastle now stands was first owned by Samuel Smith, having been issued by the Penn proprietors through a land warrant in 1750. In 1761 the holding was conveyed to John Smith who, in 1762, sold the land to John Davison. William Allison purchased the holding in 1763 and in 1769 he transferred three hundred acres of the tract to his son, Col. John Allison.
A few of the Museum's Collections
Govenor Signatures- Allison-Antrim Museum's Brumbaugh Collection of Pennsylvania Governors' Signatures is a sizeable assemblage of about 80 different documents of Pennsylvania governors' signatures. Dr. Thomas Brumbaugh, a native of Greencastle who now lives in Tennessee, gave the collection to AAMI the week the museum opened on August 1, 1998. Signatures include John Geary and Benjamin Franklin. To enhance the collection, copies of illustrations, paintings, or photographs of each of the men have been gathered to accompany the signature pieces.
Greencastle's First Telephone- This phone was installed in Carl's Drug Store in 1896.
Baer's Piano- The late Professor Philip E. Baer, then a noted concert singer, founded Old Home Week. He suggested that an "Old Boys' Reunion" be held from August 10 to 20, 1902.
Walter Smith Paintings- Walter Washington Smith's paintings have hung in renowned galleries in both United States and France. Most of his work was done from the 1920's to the 1940's, by which time he was living near Philadelphia
Baggage Cart- This green baggage cart was used to transport luggage and mail between the train station, the McLaughlin Hotel (Antrim House), and the Post Office which was in the building currently occupied by the Willow Tree store.
The Museum was founded in June 1994 and is open on the second Sunday of each month from 1-4pm, one Thursday each month Noon-3PM and any other time by appointment.
For more information about Allison-Antrim Museum call 717-597-9010; email, or visit 365 South Ridge Avenue,
Greencastle, PA.

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