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The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanac

The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanac

Hagerstown is home to the second oldest published almanac in the United States, the Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack. Started in 1797, the annual publication provides insightful information that reflects all the bounties that nature, family, a sense of community and technology have to offer.
The venerable guide is more than a listing of holidays and eclipses; it also includes information about the most endearing and enduring weather folklore.
Bill O'Toole, is a professor at Mount Saint Mary's University and serves as the weather prognosticator for the Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack, his Mid-Atlantic weather outlook has had amazing statistical accuracy.
The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanack is an annual publication serving as a source for regional weather predictions, useful household and farm information, and insights into everyday living. It also is the home of the famous annual "woolly bear caterpillar contest." It's been called "uniquely Hagerstown," but is well known throughout the world.
The Almanack has a long history, and is known as the second oldest almanac in the United States, and the longest published family-owned almanac. At 210 years old, it's one of the most talked about almanacs around the nation.
News organizations such as USA Today, U.S. News and World Report, and NBC-TV have described the Hagerstown Almanack as "out forecasting" the National Weather Service, and being more accurate than most other weather almanacs.
Published by The Gruber Almanack Company, The Hagerstown Town and Country Almanac remains family owned and operated by the heirs of John Gruber.
For more information about the Almanack, visit The Almanack is a member of the Hagerstown-Washington County Convention and Visitors Bureau. For more information, see:
(BOLD)Conjecture of the Weather
(BOLD)July to December 2007, Mid-Atlantic Region
July 1-3 showers, warm; 4-6 fair, cooler; 7-10 warmer, humid, storms; 11-13 hazy, hot, humid; 14-17 tropical storm; 18-21 warm, humid, storms; 22-25 very warm, scattered showers; 26-28 fair, very warm; 29-31 hazy, hot, humid, with scattered storms.
August 1-4 hazy, hot, humid, some storms; 5-8 hot, showers, storms; 9-11 hazy, hot, humid; 12-15 fair, not as hot; 16-19 fair, warmer; 20-23 cooler, showers, storms; 24-27 fair, mild; 28-31 fair, warm, more humid.
September 1-2 mild, showers, storms; 3-6 fair, mild; 7-10 warmer, more humid; 11-14 fair, mild; 15-18 warmer, showers; 19-22 storms, cooler; 23-25 fair, mild; 26-30 warmer, more humid.
October 1-2 warm, humid; 3-6 fair, not as warm; 7-9 fair, mild; 10-14 cloudy, cooler; 15-18 scattered showers, cool; 19-21 cool, showers, storms; 22-24 windy, cool, scattered showers; 25-28 fair, cool; 29-31 cloudy, not as cold.
November 1-4 cloudy, cool; 5-8 fair, colder; 9-12 cool, some showers; 13-16 cloudy, cool; 17-20 fair, cold; 21-23 rain or snow showers, cool; 24-27 colder, rain or snow; 28-30 fair, windy, cold.
December 1-4 rain, sleet, snow; 5-8 fair, cool; 9-12 snow, stormy; 13-16 windy, cold, flurries; 17-19 fair, cold; 20-22 snow or rain; 23-26 fair, cold; 27-29 cloudy, cold; 30-31 snow or rain.

This information was provided by the Hagerstown/Washington County Convention and Visitor's Bureau -

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