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Summer storm safety tips

Summer storm safety tips

(ARA)- Lightning strikes, power outages and electrical hazards in the aftermath of storms are top concerns during warm weather, and often cause injuries and death, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. Most of these deaths could be avoided with an increased awareness of electrical safety.
In recognition of National Electrical Safety month, Square D, the flagship brand of electrical distribution equipment for Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division, is offering advice and tips to keep homeowners safe.
"Homeowners need to be aware that there are hidden, potentially deadly, hazards of re-electrification following a storm," says Jim Pauley, vice president of industry and government relations for Schneider Electric's North American Operating Division. "It is important they know the necessary steps required to limit those dangers. A refresher course on the basics of electrical safety is always a good thing, especially if it could mean a matter of life or death."
Critical reminders include:
* Electrical equipment that has been submerged must be serviced or repaired.
* Be aware of submerged electrical equipment, such as electrical outlets or cords that may energize flood waters and pose a potentially deadly threat.
* Equipment located in flooded areas that was not submerged should be inspected by a qualified person to determine whether moisture has entered the enclosure.
* If there are any signs of moisture or damage, the equipment should be replaced or repaired.
* Any disassembly of electrical equipment should be performed only by trained factory service personnel who are familiar with equipment design and function.
Pauley points out that in the hours following severe storms, utility companies are working around the clock to restore communities' infrastructures, giving homeowners the power needed to have lights, heat and water. In most instances, the utility itself has had to rebuild its system to restore power, before sending out its inspectors. Square D encourages homeowners to wait for a trained electrical inspector to examine their equipment before turning utility power back on, even if not requested by the utility.
"Everyone wants to get their power back on, but it's not something you should do in haste," cautions Pauley, "Not taking the necessary steps and safety precautions to re-electrifying one's home could have a devastating--potentially deadly--impact. We want to do everything we can to prevent such circumstances."
For more information on electrical safety tips, visit the Web sites of the Electrical Safety Foundation International ( or Square D (

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