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Gardening Experts In Full Bloom At Public Gardens

Gardening Experts In Full Bloom At Public Gardens

(NAPSI)-If you would like to cultivate your knowledge of gardening, consider visiting a public garden. Public gardens at zoos, historical sites and entertainment complexes can serve as a great source of inspiration and information for gardeners.
According to the American Public Gardens Association (APGA), public gardens can show you how to create a water-wise landscape at home through the use of native and adapted plants and efficient irrigation. Visitors can learn what plants bloom at similar times and what arrangements look good together. Staff members who understand the region are available to offer advice on gardening techniques, and on-site sales can be a great source of top-quality additions to a home garden.
* Zoos-Although the focus is on the animals, zoos also have interesting horticultural collections that show both flora and fauna in their native habitats.
* Entertainment Gardens-Golf courses, theme parks and water parks can also have beautiful horticultural displays.
* Historical Sites-Places of historic or cultural significance-such as churches, historic homes and cemeteries-often have grounds shaped to reflect the horticulture of their historical period.
* Nature Gardens-Created and designed to help visitors connect with nature, these gardens inform and educate about the botanical and ecological origins and functions of plant life and how they relate to human beings and animals.
Find A Garden
To find public gardens, visit the APGA at The group has partnered with Rain Bird Corporation, a leading manufacturer and provider of irrigation products, to promote the importance of gardens for environmental stewardship through National Public Gardens Day.
The event includes activities for schools, families and visitors.
For more information, you can visit and

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