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Hop Aboard the Safety Train this Spring

Hop Aboard the Safety Train this Spring

(NewsUSA)- Winter has come and gone, and the warmer, sunnier days ahead inspire many of us to get back outside. However, if you're heading out on the road, don't forget to be safe, especially if you are around trains and train tracks.
Here are some tips from Operation Lifesaver to keep you safe this spring:
- Slow down. When you see an advance warning sign, slow down, and listen for a train.
- Stay focused. Always keep your eyes on the road. This means hanging up your cell phone, removing any earphones, turning down your personal music and making a point not to text message.
- Look and listen for the train. Move your head to see around mirrors, windshields and foliage that's grown up since your last trip. Also, crack the window so you can hear better.
- Stop 15 feet from the crossing. If you see or hear a train, keep your distance, regardless of whether you are on foot or in a vehicle.
- Obey lights and controls at the railroad crossing. If the signals appear to be malfunctioning, look for the railroad's 800-number listed at or near the crossing. Do not cross until you've checked for a second train, or seen the gates move into an upright position.
- If you get stuck, get out! If your vehicle gets stuck on the track, quickly exit the vehicle, and move away from the tracks. Also, notify law enforcement or the railroad of your vehicle's location.
For more safety information, visit, or call 1-800-537-6224 to schedule a free rail-safety presentation.

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