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Driving Tour in Fulton County

Driving Tour in Fulton County

Asbury Church
In 1793, a man named Francis Asbury began Methodist services for the people of Green Hill and the surrounding area. The church was built in 1841 from stones and lumber from Sideling Hill Mountain. You can still view the original pews, pulpit and Deacon's bench. Asbury Church is located on Route 30 approximately 8 miles west of McConnellsburg.
Burnt Cabins
Burnt Cabins is a linear village along the Forbes Roads. With its location at the foot of Tuscarora Mountain, Burnt Cabins became an important stopping place and several of the buildings in the village served as inns or taverns for 18th or 19th century travelers. Integral to the village was the Burnt Cabins Grist Mill. Other historic resources in the village are for the most part houses. Most are log or light from construction. There are also a few stone and brick buildings. Dates of construction range from the late 18th century through approximately 1945.
Fort Littleton
The village of Fort Littleton lies one mile north of Exit 13 of the Pennsylvania Turnpike and 10 miles north of McConnellsburg along Route 522. Governor Robert Hunter Morris established the fort in 1756 at what was then known as Sugar Cabins, named after the existing settlement of log cabins located in a grove of sugar maple trees.
Knobsville & the Narrows
The Narrows Road east of Knobsville was once the main road from McConnellsburg to Burnt Cabins. It represents a narrowing in the mountains, and Knobsville is defined by the "knobby" ridge standing over the village.
Rosebud Valley Nature Center
Located along Route 928 one mile south of Big Cove Tannery, this site was originally the property of amateur naturalist and lawyer Edmund Kerper. Kerper created this sanctuary early in the 20th century for song birds and, each spring, planted trees, flowers and flowering shrubs, thus creating a botanical garden and arboretum. It is about 40 acres and managed by the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forestry as part of Buchanan State Forest.
Tuscarora Trail
This 252-mile hiking trail runs from Marysville PA south to Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. It enters Buchanan State Forest near Spring Run, travels southwest along the top of Tuscarora Mountain, descends into Allen's Valley and Cowans Gap State Park, and follows part of the colonial era Forbes Road trail. Ascending to the summit of Tuscarora Mountain again, the blue-blazed trail follows the mountain top across Routes 30 and 16, then along the mountain through state game and forest lands into Maryland. It was originally planned as an alternate section of the Appalachian Trail because of right-of-way threats.

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