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The Charming Town of Boonsboro

The Charming Town of Boonsboro

This beautiful, historic town is burrowed at the foot of South Mountain in Washington County, Maryland. The land where the town is located was part of two tracts, "Beale's Chance" and "Fellowship". Founded in 1792 by brothers George and William Boone, relatives of the more famous Daniel Boone, Boonsboro was originally named Margaretsville in honor of George's wife, Margaret. Eventually, Margaretsville changed to Boonesborough then later to Boonsboro. This spelling variance occurred around 1841 or 1842 when a local newspaper editor couldn't get the town's name to fit in his masthead. Even today, some official documents still use the old spelling.
On the 4th of July in 1827, residents of Boonsboro built the first monument ever to honor President George Washington, being restored again in 1882 and again in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps.
In 1823, a new process called "macadam" was used to finish an unpaved section of the turnpike from Boonsboro to Hagerstown. This was the first time the road building process was used in the United States. Stagecoaches using the road during the winter needed 5 to 7 hours of travel to cover 10 miles. Boonsboro quickly grew and prospered.
Boonsboro's old-style homes and beautiful antiquated architecture and brick sidewalks bring enchantment and wonder to this small American town. Boonsboro may not be large in the size of residents, but it has several museums dedicated to items found throughout its farming land left from the Civil War, bookstores (with one belonging to Nora Roberts, bestselling romance author), and cheery cafes to visit while taking a break from shopping.
The first battle of the Civil War fought on northern soil, was the Battle of South Mountain on September 14, 1862. Many of the area churches, public buildings and private homes in the town of Boonsboro were used as hospitals to nurse hurt soldiers during that time.
Today, the picturesque town of Boonsboro is a charming and peaceful community full of history and discovery.

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