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Take it All In at Coolfont

Take it All In at Coolfont

Named for the cool springs that bubble up beneath it, Coolfont has been a wellspring of vitality and inspiration for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations for nearly 40 years. The Coolfont story began at Easter in 1961 when snow drove economist Sam Ashelman and his son, Randall, indoors from a camping trip. They opted for a hotel room in Berkeley Springs, famed for its healing mineral waters, which had been a sacred place for Native American tribes as well as a retreat for the young George Washington. They stumbled upon 800 acres with a stately manor house, built in 1912 by well-known economist and author Herbert Quick. Sam fell in love with the house and tranquility of the area and made what he calls a "ridiculously low offer" which, to his amazement, was accepted.
Coolfont developed on this land in the way nature carves deep canyons and grows tall oaks...slowly, simply, naturally. After 3 years of planning, building lakes, campsites, a few chalets, and the A-frame Treetop House Restaurant, Coolfont was opened as a family getaway in 1965. Partnering with Sam, his wife, Margaret and their 5 children (Peter, Eric, Siri, Randall and Lisa) were Alden and Rol Capen and their 3 children (Julie, Lisa and Todd) who had left the bright lights of New York and Philadelphia for a more simple life in nature. Applying his experience as a producer and director in the early days of television as well as a writer of "Casper the Friendly Ghost", "The Green Hornet", and "The Lone Ranger", Alden produced stunning and inspiring slide shows about nature. Together, the two families shaped Coolfont. The Capens passed away in the mid 70's.
Every year additions were added, and in 1977 Coolfont expanded into an active conference center, giving corporations, government and private organizations an opportunity to escape to the fresh mountain air to think clearly. In 1978, Sam married Martha Crane-Asheleman, whose inspiration began Coolfont's successful spa program.
Coolfont Recreation is situated in a valley beside the town of Berkeley Springs. Coolfont features a variety of lodging, conference, health spa & salon, and recreational facilities that co-exist in harmony with nature. Guests come to enjoy comfortable amenities that include beautiful mountain vistas, spring-fed lakes, nature trails, expanding wellness programs, and activities for families, retirees, and singles.

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