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Points to Ponder: You Are as Equipped as You Believe You Are

Points to Ponder
You Are as Equipped as You Believe You Are

Those who are dependable in the minor things are more likely to be dependable in the major ones. Jesus made the point that he who is faithful in a few things is faithful in much; likewise, he who isn't, isn't. (cf Luke 16:10)
When the Israelites arrive at the outskirts of the land God had promised Abraham over 400 years before, God told Moses to send twelve spies, one from each tribe, "every one a leader among them" (Numbers 13:2). In chapter 1, God picked twelve tribal leaders, by name. This time Moses did the choosing. I wonder why?
I suppose that, in chapter 1, the formation and orderly march God prescribed was something with which they had no experience. God knew the job and could measure the character of all involved. So he gave Moses the names.
However, at the Promised Land staging position, they had what they needed to do the job. Consider:
First, they had been miraculously freed from slavery in Egypt and had been sustained by the provision of God for over a year. God's presence and involvement in their survival was evident every day.
Secondly, God's promise to Abraham was now right in front of them. For generations their ancestors told the stories and passed down the promise of "someday we will have a homeland." The provision, the power, and the promise were all there. God did not name the twelve spies as He had done with the twelve tribal leaders. Why would He trust men at this crucial point?
I pondered this for a while. What lesson could we draw from these two different recruitment strategies? As God invests trust in us, we need to trust even more in Him.
Could it be that when a body of believers is called, that body becomes the conduit of discerning who is gifted for what task? They have the provision, they are engaged in fulfilling God's promise for them, and they know the power of His Spirit in them. Why isn't that enough?
How was it that ten of the spies could thwart the mission God had for a whole nation? We often hear from New Testament teachings how faith can move mountains. Here we see how a rejection of faith can form mountains. How do we "make a mountain out of a mole hill"? Just look at the task God has put before you or the responsibilities that come with His promises to you. You must choose to trust.
If you are convinced that the obstacle is bigger than the promise; that the price is higher than His provision; and that the power in the opposition is stronger than His Spirit in you, then you are defeated before you start.
Which of these two perspectives is working itself out in how you are living your call?
"There we saw the giants...and we were like grasshoppers in our own sight and so we were in their sight" (Numbers 13:33).
"You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world" (I John 4:4).

Points to Ponder is a series of occasional articles written by Rev. Dennis Whitmore, Pastor of Hilltop Christian Fellowship, 12624 Trinity Church Drive, Clear Spring, MD (1/4 mile east of Clear Spring on Rt. 40). Listen to Pastor Dennis on WJEJ-1240 AM, Tues and Thurs, at 10:45am and 7:50pm, both days.

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