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In the Small Town of Bunker Hill

In the Small Town of Bunker Hill

Bunker Hill is an unincorporated hamlet in Berkeley County, West Virginia located on Winchester Pike (US 11) at its junction with County Route 26 south of Martinsburg. It is the site of the confluence of Torytown Run and Mill Creek, a tributary of Opequon Creek.
At Bunker Hill in 1726, Colonel Morgan Morgan founded the first permanent settlement of record in Western Virginia. In commemoration of this event, the State of West Virginia has erected a monument in Bunker Hill State Park, and has placed a marker at the grave of Morgan Morgan, which is in a cemetery near the park. The first Episcopal church (Christ Church) in what is now West Virginia was erected at Bunker Hill by Morgan Morgan in 1740. Morgan Morgan built his cabin between 1731 and 1734. The cabin was restored as a Bicentennial project in 1976, using many of its original logs. Located along County Route 26 west of Bunker Hill, it is a historically furnished museum and is the home of the Morgan Cabin Committee.
Bunker Hill's Mill Creek Historic District is the site of the Bunker Hill Mill, a gristmill that contains 19th and 20th centuries milling equipment, still in operating condition. The mill was constructed in 1738 and rebuilt in 1890 and serves as the only mill in the state featuring dual water wheels. One of the three churches in the historic district, Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church, was built in 1854.
Because of its central location between Martinsburg and Winchester, Virginia along I-81 and US 11, Bunker Hill has experienced a period of massive residential growth beginning in the 1980s and continuing into the 21st century.

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