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Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick

Mount Olivet Cemetery in Frederick
One Beautiful Cemetery

In the early 1850's, Frederick City consisted of several cemeteries, which were adjoining churches--well before the Civil War. As the city population grew so were the churches and their congregations. The cemeteries rapidly reached their capacity for burials.
A committee was formed, comprised of members of each church, to discuss a solution to the problem of burial space. The decision was to build a new cemetery to serve these churches as well as the entire City of Frederick.
In order to raise the necessary funds for developing a new cemetery, sales of stock were sold at the amount of $20.00 per share, with the intention that as soon as the new cemetery was laid out and plotted the shares would be exchanged for 12 grave lots.
The Charter of Mount Olivet Cemetery was recorded among the Land Records of Frederick County on October 4, 1852. Ann Crawford was the first interment--on May 28, 1854. The layout and development of the cemetery was enormous. Today, in excess of 34,000 graves are occupied, yet within the spacious and expandable boundaries currently served by eight miles of paved roads, remain wide stretches of unplotted grounds--ample for many years in the future.
Historic Mount Olivet Cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful and distinguished burial grounds in the eastern section of the country. Those who now rest there are "distinguished patriots, men who wore the Blue and those who wore the Gray, and thousands of others whose memory we cherish and to whom we can here so fittingly pay homage."
Known as Maryland's "Cemetery Beautiful", Mount Olivet Cemetery is home to the gravesite of Francis Scott Key, Barbara Fritchie, Governor Thomas Johnson, the first governor of the state of Maryland, and many other notables. There are rows of soldiers, monuments paying tribute to World War II and confederates. A beautiful old stone chapel (Key memorial Chapel) is an awesome structure to behold. Frederick has also build monuments giving recognition to Frederick's Fallen Firefighters, Frederick Fire & Rescue as well as Frederick Veterans.
On a hill, overlooking the town sits an enchanting garden full of seasonal flowers, shrubs, and outdoor ornamentation. With beauty and peace, along with the history of this great cemetery, Mount Olivet is a wonderful place to visit.
Mount Olivet Cemetery is located at 515 South Market Street, Frederick, Maryland.

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