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Rufus Wilson House and Wilson School

Rufus Wilson House and Wilson School

This house is a stately three story brick Victorian home built in 1850 by Rufus Wilson. The home has been furnished in the 19th century style. There have been rumors that one of the Wilson spirits revisits from time to time. The home is part of a small village, which also contains a country store, and one-room schoolhouse both constructed by Mr. Wilson.
Rufus Wilson moved to Washington County in 1847 and established a popular general store. Lewis and Francis Horst restored it in 1984, and it now operates and looks much like it did in the 1850s. Visitors can enjoy eating loose candy, home-baked goods, meats, and sharp cheese; playing a game of checkers by the woodstove; and looking at many of the store's varied original items. Upstairs, there's an emporium selling updated traditional clothing for women.
Next to the store sits Wilson's School, which was built in 1855 by Rufus Wilson for the education of his son John so the child wouldn't have to travel to school. The Horsts purchased the school in 1987 and restored it to its original state. Child-sized straw hats and bonnets hang in the entryway, along with the assorted junk of long-ago childhood--a skate blade, a skein of yarn. Books from the 19th century line the shelves. The main room boasts a potbelly stove, an old piano and 14 two-student desks, each with an inkwell. There are half-finished lessons on the blackboard and desks, and a tall paper dunce cap stands on the stool in the corner.
Rufus Wilson House and Wilson School are located on Route 40 west just past the Conococheague Creek on Rufus Wilson Road.

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