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Winter Scenes Easy to Capture With In-Car Camera Mount

Winter Scenes Easy to Capture With In-Car Camera Mount

(NewsUSA)- If winter is the cruelest of seasons, why then do so many people take to the roads and open air?
For some, it's the best time to visit friends and family because of the built-in time off. For others, it's a reason to dust off the ski equipment.
Whatever your reasons for traveling this winter season, it can also be a great time to explore the city you're in and capture beautiful winter scenery through the camera's eye.
To this end, CruiseCam International Inc., a company that started out designing video imaging apparatuses for law enforcement personnel and race car drivers, has now expanded its product line and is making it easy for consumers to take professional-looking video this winter.
"Winter driving can be a real experience ... from beautiful scenery to treacherous road conditions. Our car camera mount now gives drivers the opportunity to capture all of that safely with their own camcorder," said Scott Watkins, chief executive officer of CruiseCam International.
Its newest product, now available to the mass market, is a lightweight seat headrest camera mount - weighing just 1.5 pounds - that can be installed in minutes, doesn't require the use of tools and can be used with any camcorder. What this means for would-be winter travelers and road warriors is that the device is portable and can be used in any car.
In town for the holidays? Why not take a drive and film some of the lights around the neighborhood? Or if you're heading to the slopes for Christmas, why not take your camera to capture some of the majestic mountains?
It also can be a great gift idea for parents and grandparents who travel throughout the year, allowing them to take footage while never having to leave the car.
The InCar CruiseCam camera mount is available in Ritz Camera, Costco and Pep Boys stores.
For more information, visit CruiseCam International is a publicly traded company under symbol CCMJ on the Pink Sheets.

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