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The Maryland Theatre, Warming You Up This Winter

The Maryland Theatre, Warming You Up This Winter

Performing Arts Theatres have been around for centuries. Mimes, minstrels and traveling jugglers performed at theatres during medieval times, which changed to dramatic plays during the renaissance period (Elizabethan theatre).
The Maryland Theatre in Hagerstown has plenty to offer--no matter what your age or preference. Built in 1915, the Theatre has seating for 1300, and is a marvelous sight in decor and ambiance.
Over 88,543 patrons, including more than 25,536 school students/children, attend performances there yearly.
The Maryland Theatre has seen many wonderful events throughout its history. It has housed comedian George Carlin, teen idol Aaron Carter, as well as presenting Moscow Ballet's the Great Russian Nutcracker, and jazz and ballet assembles from area dance studios and much more. Children's shows (part of their student series), solo artists, stage shows, and orchestra productions frequently transpire throughout the year.
Upcoming winter performances include:
The Nutcracker, December 9 at 7:30pm and 10 at 3pm.
Performed by Potomac Classical Youth Ballet Company.
The Christmas Box, Maryland State Premier, December 15 at 8pm.
"If you and your family are looking for an inspirational, and spiritual evening of music and a wonderfully uplifting story do yourself a favor and see The Christmas Box. This is an evening filled with Utah Contemporary Jazz Pianist Paul Cardalls original music based on the New York Time's best selling novel as well as m any well known traditional tunes. In addition to the music and wonderful visuals actor Tom Dugan reads the story, which gives us all the true meaning of Christmas. If you are Christmas Carol'd and Nutcrakered out bring your family to The Christmas Box.
Alphin Hong, Community Concert, January 25, 2007 at 7:30pm.
Whether playing an equally captivating interpretation on Schubert, Shostakovich or Stockhausen, Alphin Hong thrills audiences with his startling virtousity, unyielding artistic vision and impious style. Performing his orchestral debut with the Kalamazoo Symphony at age 10, he went on to win three major competitions, including the 1989 Stravinsky Piano Competiton, all before the age of twenty.
Freedom Train (ss) Theatre Works USA, February 1, 2007 at 10am.
Harriet Tubman was born a slave, but when she was 25 she made her perilous escape from a Maryland plantation, leaving her family behind. Pursued by dogs and relentless slave catchers, she followed an escape route laid out by Quakers--secret hiding places in churches, barns, cellars and homes.

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