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Tips for Making the Most of Winter Travel

Tips for Making the Most of Winter Travel

(ARA)- If being cooped up inside for days or weeks on end is giving you the urge to travel this winter, you're not alone. A change of scenery can be just the cure for cabin fever--whether you travel across the country or just to the next town over.
But unpredictable weather can present some challenges when traveling at this time of year, so plan ahead and be flexible:
* If you're driving, allow extra time to get to your destination in case snow or ice slow you down.
* When you hit the road during the winter, make sure your car is in top-notch shape, and pack emergency supplies just in case. Blankets, emergency flares and snacks are good to have on hand.
* You can run into delays at the airport as well. If possible, call ahead to confirm that your flight is leaving on time.
* If you need to be at your destination at a certain time, consider booking an earlier flight than you might normally choose. That way, if your plane is delayed by weather, you'll have a cushion.
* With airlines cutting back on amenities, packing snacks is a good idea for plane trips, especially if you're stuck at the airport or on the runway due to weather.
Once at your destination, you'll want a hotel that is welcoming, comfortable and relaxing. And because nothing is more relaxing than a good night's sleep, choose the hotel that prides itself on being "quiet." AmericInn hotels are serious about giving guests a quiet night, and use a unique system called AmericInn SoundGuard construction which reduces sounds and vibrations by using masonry block with sound-deadening foam and thick drywall between every room and floors made of pre-cast hollow core concrete.
Since your outdoor activities may be limited, choose a hotel that has a pool so you can unwind and dream about warmer days ahead. If you're traveling with kids, a pool is a must. Many AmericInns properties also have a fitness area, game room and sauna. The hotels are constructed to minimize noise intrusion from outside as well as from public spaces within the building, including separating the pool and recreation areas from the residential portion of the hotel. That means guests won't be kept awake by traffic in the street or people in the hallway. It also means that parents don't have to continually remind kids to "keep it down."
AmericInn offers a complimentary hot breakfast, to help your winter getaway travel budget go further. With over 200 hotels in 23 states throughout the United States, chances are there's an AmericInn hotel near your holiday destination. For more information, visit

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