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Tips for Small Businesses Looking for Payroll Providers

Tips for Small Businesses Looking for Payroll Providers

(NewsUSA)- As the year turns, small-business owners will start reviewing their past actions and planning for the future. But one big issue -; payroll -; can prove to be a problem every year.
Many businesses find themselves in trouble with the IRS, not because they're dishonest, but because they miscalculate numbers or miss due dates. The government's financial penalties can be unwelcome blows to small businesses.
Even if a business employs only one worker, small-business owners can find federal and state employment forms complex and demanding. Some small-business owners might believe that they can save time and money by performing their own payroll calculations, but it's usually in businesses' best interest to hire outside payroll service providers.
Small-business owners need to concentrate the bulk of their time and attention on making their business successful. Paychex, Inc., a national leader in the payroll and human resource industry, offers these tips to small-business owners looking for a reliable payroll-processing service:
- Insist on personal service. For best results, you should be talking with the same payroll representative each pay period. That same person should handle any questions or concerns about your service.
- Look for national payroll-processing companies. National payroll service providers are bonded and insured, so any liability for inaccuracy or fraud will not affect your business.
In the event of a natural disaster or other calamity, national providers often have multiple backup systems to preserve data and deliver payroll packages on time. Paychex employs a rigorous backup plan to ensure continuity for clients across the country. Moreover, national providers offer the best confidentiality and security, and payroll deposits are taken care of electronically.
- Look for payroll service providers that also offer human resource services. Integrated HR services might include 401(k) administration, workers' compensation insurance administration and payment services, health benefits and other employee benefits such as flexible spending accounts and bonuses or other compensation paid on debit cards.
"Small-business owners can realize a new level of productivity and convenience when they choose to outsource their payroll function," said Walter Turek, senior vice president, sales and marketing for Paychex. "Outsourcing ensures accuracy, timeliness and peace of mind, allowing business owners to focus on growing revenue, instead of worrying about administrative burdens."

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