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E-Mail Marketing Delivers An "A" To Small Business

E-Mail Marketing Delivers An "A" To Small Business

(NAPS)- If you own a small business, e-mail can be a big help in the way you communicate with your customers. It should be. It's easy, fast and quite affordable compared to traditional methods, such as direct mail.
To know the impact that e- mail can have on a business or organization, it's important to know what's available in e-mail marketing.
Here are some facts that can help:
First, remember standard e-mail was designed for simple, text-based communications to individuals, rather than the visual, HTML-based bulk e-mails that characterize most e-mail efforts.
ISP's (Internet Service Providers) do not recognize individual e-mail accounts as bulk mailers and therefore limit the number of e-mails that can be sent at one time.
Higher Deliverability
Professional e-mail marketing service providers have relationships with major ISPs such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc., resulting in greater deliverability. In fact, the leading e-mail marketing service for small businesses and organizations, Constant Contact, boasts the industry's highest deliverability rate of 97 percent, as reported by Return Path, an independent e-mail performance firm.
Also, it's not hard to tell the difference between an Outlook-generated message and an HTML one created using an e-mail marketing service. E-mail marketing service providers offer professionally designed, customizable templates that make it easy for anyone to create great-looking e-mail newsletters, promotions and invitations. When communicating with your customers or members, appearance does matter:
Higher Results
As a result, using HTML-formatted e-mails results in 35 percent higher response rates than plain text. E-mail marketing services also track spam complaints, open rates, click-throughs and more. This reporting allows insight into subscribers' interests, which can help create more-targeted e-mail campaigns and achieve superior results. Without this feedback, you have no way of knowing the true results of your e-mail communications.
To learn more about how e-mail marketing can help small businesses, visit www.constantcon
Without the feedback provided by professional e-mail services, businesses have no way of knowing the true results.

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