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What's the Power of Your Dollar?

What's the Power of Your Dollar?

(NewsUSA)- A cup of coffee: $3. A pack of gum: $1. An upgrade to a super-sized meal: $1. It is easy to see how the small, inconsequential items in your budget can really add up, but have you ever thought about making a few, minor lifestyle changes in the name of your long-term savings?
The U.S. savings rate went to zero in 2005 and has dipped even lower in recent years, which means more and more people feel they simply don't have enough money to save. But you may be surprised to learn that you do. That's right, companies such as SAVE252 are changing our ideas about savings by making as little as a saved dollar a day an important part of your future.
By using innovative and creative technology mechanisms, SAVE252 is making it easy for everyone, regardless of the size of their savings, to use financial technologies to their advantage. By eliminating the usual barriers to entry and removing the large start-up fees and deposits often required, millions of would-be savers now have access to the equity and money markets just like the rich.
"Whether saving for your retirement, college tuition, travel or a down payment on a house, the SAVE252 system can make a difference in the quality of your future," said Eric Solis of SAVE252. "Finally, middle America has a wealth-building tool that, until now, has not even been available to the rich."
And unlike many other long-term savings programs, SAVE252 enables individuals to stop the program at any time and to have access to their money within 48 hours.
So, forget that cup of coffee, and start saving. For more tips and financial information, visit

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