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Manager’s Corner/Get it “Right”

by Liz Weber

My company is working with several clients who are at that stage of their business planning process where we’re analyzing their marketing strategies. An obvious component of this step is revising or developing marketing materials that convey the “right” message, to the “right” target market, to get the “right” results. Getting it “right” with the marketing materials can propel a company’s business strategies forward with greater success. Getting it “wrong” can create confusion, misinformation, and lost opportunities.

Here are a couple of quick and dirty pointers to help you get it “right”:

1. Be very clear in identifying the target recipients of your various marketing materials (i.e., business cards, brochures, marketing packets, websites, etc.)

* Identifying clearly, how your recipients like to receive information, what information they want to have, and how they want to see it presented, will drive your overall design. If your materials are not presented in a way that’s easy and logical for them, they may well disregard your materials (and your company) from further consideration because your company didn’t appear to be the “right” fit for them.

2. Express solutions to their problems.

* Everyone has problems. Every organization has problems. What we all need are solutions and help. Studies have shown that the close rate on sales increase when you make emotional connections with your prospects. An obvious way to connect with your potential customers is to let them know you can help. You’ll really connect if you can show them how you’ll help to make their problems go away. Share examples of your work and how you’ve helped others make their problems go away. Show them your company will focus on helping them get the “right” solutions.

3. Design your materials to be “Them” focused and not “You” focused.

* Your prospective customers review your materials to identify what you can do for them. So instead of creating pieces that tout your high-quality standards, professionalism, and expertise, identify the ways they’ll benefit by working with you. Express not only the solutions you can provide, but also identify specific cost-savings, efficiency improvements, reduced labor hours, or increased sales they will experience by working with your company. Providing high-quality products and services is a given, so don’t waste space and time touting that. Let them know your focus will be “right” where it needs to be - on them.

Don’t run the risk of confusing a prospect or losing a potential sale. Ensure your marketing materials convey the right message. Get it “Right.”

© 2004 - Liz Weber of Weber Business Services, LLC. Liz can be reached at or 717-597-8890.

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