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Preventing Spread of Flu in the Workplace

Preventing Spread of Flu in the Workplace

(NewsUSA)- When sick with flu, absenteeism from work may be a better choice, but more Americans are choosing "presenteeism"--or coming to work while not able to function at a normal level.
A national survey shows that many are compelled to go to work while sick due to guilt over calling off, lack of sick days or fear of angering the boss or losing their job. Ironically, most people go to work while under the weather simply to get a job done, yet they are unable to focus after taking medications that mask symptoms.
While workers may feel a sense of pride from making it into work while sick with flu, their actions may extend their illness, infect co-workers and family members and contribute to the U.S. economy losing billions per year.
The key to fast recovery is to start treating flu-like symptoms right away, says James B. LaValle, a pharmacist and author of "Smart Medicine for Healthier Living." It's crucial to watch for symptoms and be prepared to act quickly since you never know when or where you'll come in contact with flu viruses.
LaValle recommends stocking Oscillococcinum, also known as Oscillo, as a safe first choice for self-treatment.
"Because it works naturally, there are no side effects like drowsiness or that feeling like you're in a fog, so you can get back to what you need to do quicker," he says.
According to Boiron, the manufacturer, Oscillo shortens both the duration as well as the severity of flu symptoms--a claim unique among over-the-counter flu medicines and backed by four clinical studies. In one study, nearly 63 percent of patients showed clear improvement within 48 hours when Oscillo was taken early on.
"There's no reason to hesitate taking a homeopathic medicine like this at the first sign of symptoms," says LaValle. "It doesn't interact with other medicines or supplements, it's safe for everyone from age 2 to 102, and it's readily available everywhere without a prescription."
While such products help increase individuals' productivity, what can be done to combat the overall problem of germs in the workplace? Besides encouraging employees to stay home, there are proactive ways to keep offices infection-free and functioning.
For instance, employers might consider investing in technology solutions that allow staff to telecommute when they're sick. And to reduce the spread of germs, employers should see to it that shared office equipment such as fax machines and photocopiers are wiped down every day.
Employees, too, can do their part by disinfecting their phone receivers, keyboards and other work areas, washing hands often and covering the nose and mouth when sneezing or coughing.

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