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Tips for Consumers: Giving the customer great guarantees

Tips for Consumers
Giving the customer great guarantees

Competition these days in the Hagerstown area is very tough. If you run a business, one way to gain new customers is to convince them that your firm is credible and that there is no risk in dealing with you. And one of the best tools for that job is a quality guarantee.
Dean Rieck of Direct Creative, writing in the DM News, outlined some guidelines for businesses to use when establishing guarantees. Here are his tips:
* Always guarantee your product or service. If you have a good product, stand behind it. A guarantee isn't a burden, it's a boon.
* Include the basic elements of a solid guarantee. Your guarantee should assure customers of your product quality, spell out your terms clearly and specify a generous time period for evaluation. Stronger guarantees mean stronger sales.
* Make your guarantee legal. Never, ever use a guarantee that hasn't passed muster in your legal department. Ensure you're not promising something you don't intend to deliver.
* Back up your guarantee fully. If you say it, mean it.
* Avoid legal-looking teeny type. Yes, your guarantee should protect you from unscrupulous customers. However, it shouldn't look like a legal document, or you'll alienate all your honest customers. Avoid asterisks and barely legible small type. Just don't hide anything your customers should know.
* Keep your guarantee short and simple. Don't write a novel. Just say it and shut up. Here's the classic guarantee: "We provide the finest widgets in the world. If you are not fully satisfied, for any reason, just return your widget within 60 days for a full refund of your purchase price." Just keep it short and sweet and readable at a glance.
* Keep conditions to a minimum. Don't beat up your customers with conditions. Treat them like honest people. Most of them are.
* Extend your guarantee for as long as possible. Short guarantee periods can help prevent returns, but the reverse logic often works better. Give customers loads of time, and most will never make a return.
* Make your guarantee a benefit for your customer. Offer your guarantee as just one more solid benefit of dealing with your business.

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