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Sixty Seconds Of Fame

by Vikki Nelson

Here’s a couple of things I read about recently, I always find information about speaking in public or advertising yourself or a product very interesting.

People will always size you up - new friends or old friends, business associates or clients. Always the same. So ask yourself, have you mastered the art of doing a 60-second commercial at your business events or even at social gatherings? When you are first introduced the words you say can send a powerful marketing message about you and your company or product.

What do you want to say? Make a list of all the important facts about you and your business if you are addressing business people. It’s important first of all that people remember your name and certainly your business. Give them a business card first off or, if you are the “speaker”, make sure you tell them your company’s name and location at several points during your speech. Tell them what you do. People are always interested in what other people do - either in business or socially if that is what the occasion happens to be.

Many business owners have designed a phrase that people remember when they meet them the next time or think about you when they see something that kind of meets what you do in business. Here’s a paraphrase I thought clever: “One of my clients told me I’m the bulldog in high heels.” People laugh at that, but they do remember it because it has made an impression, and that impression is that she will fight for them!

You don’t need to give out your phone number, people won’t remember it UNLESS it is clever - like 800-123-4567 - or maybe rhymes with a name or place or maybe even your kind of business.

Another thing I find is that you don’t want to knock your competition, at least not to a large audience or group. That usually just doesn’t work.

Now that you have mastered your 60 seconds of fame you need to downsize it. Work it into a 30-second infomercial or even a 15-second sound bite. You could go on radio or TV and save money to advertise your business or yourself. Think of it as a “SOUND BUSINESS CARD.”

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