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Health Care And Other Scary Things This Halloween

by Vikki Nelson

As a self-employed person or owner of a small business, you’re responsible for your own health insurance coverage. If you’ve been healthy in the past, you may have decided to purchase insurance with a high deductible, $1000, $2500 or more. As a result of the high limit of your deductible, you will not have enough expenses in most years to meet your deductible, meaning that medical costs you incur will be entirely out of your pocket.

Here are some things to look for and look out for when purchasing health insurance.
Make sure that your policy enables you to visit any health provider for covered illnesses, and still have the costs of the visits go toward your deductible. This will give you more flexibility in choosing providers.

Whenever you schedule a visit to a health provider, other than for an emergency, be sure to ask exactly how much your visit will cost. I am speaking of the office visit fee, not of the different services the doctor provides once you get there. You might be surprised that often the receptionist won’t know exactly and will want to wait until you get to the office to tell you. Be insistent, because it can save you money. If you are quoted, for example, $45 for a visit, and then you’re charged $75, after seeing the doctor, remind the receptionist that you were quoted $45. Often medical assistants make mistakes and charge you for standard procedures not even performed.

Choosing health-providers based on cost alone is risky. The previous point was made only so that you will know how much charges should be. Also, never avoid appointments due to costs, it is proven that those that maintain regular check-ups usually are better for it.

If you are prescribed medications of any sort, always ask the doctor or pharmacist if a generic brand is available. These are just as effective as non-generic brands, and usually less expensive. By the same token, pick up the phone and shop around pharmacies for the best prices. Make sure the doctor gives you the name of the drug so that you can repeat it to the pharmacist clearly.

Always ask your pharmacist if your health insurance coverage will enable you to purchase prescriptions at a discount.

The single best way to cut medical costs is to keep yourself in good health. Follow your doctor’s advice and take charge of your own health maintenance by stopping smoking, limiting alcoholic intake, getting adequate exercise (and that is worth repeating), getting proper rest and maintaining a reasonable weight level for your body frame and height. Put all of these together and you will have a greater quality of life in general. Exercise - put fresh oxygen in your blood stream that will flow to your head and automatically give you a better sense of your well being.

With a good attitude you do better work for yourself and your workplace. Let good feelings about yourself show!

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