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More People Ought To Do It!

by Vikki Nelson

Writing a newsletter keeps your name in front of customers. When you leaf through the mail, there is a one-page newsletter among the other pieces from one of your regular businesses: your dentist, a local interior designer, or your insurance agent. You scan the letter, seeing that it contains several articles about their particular trade. At the bottom of the letter is a short paragraph reminding you of their “dedicated excellence” and concluding with the words, “If I can be of any assistance, please give me a call.”
The newsletter informs you of developments in the service provider’s field of work, certainly. But in reality the purpose is to keep the name of the service provider in your awareness. The best way to get people to know and think of you - and keep them coming back - is to keep in touch.
The idea is to create short newsletters that are sent to customers and clients. The newsletter should contain sections with each story discussing specific aspects of your field. The articles should pertain directly to topics that you know are of interest and benefit to customers. They will be informational, and will help the reader become more informed. Indirectly, writing about these subjects will present you as an expert in your field.
To write the newsletter, jot down four or five topics that are central to your business. Then write a short (three or four paragraph) article about each. This will keep your newsletter to one side of an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of paper.
If you’re not an experienced writer, contact a professional copywriter to edit your articles after they’ve been written. Since the articles are short, it shouldn’t take the writer very long to edit all of the text for a reasonable price. But frankly, you know your business - whatever it may be - the best and surely can put the right words to paper to express it intelligently to your customer or client!
Just re-read it to a friend or a spouse, out loud, and let them critique it. Once the editing has been done, you can use a page-layout program on your computer to design the newsletter so that it looks more readable. Many print shops have in-house designers who can assist you with this stage.
After you have completed the layout, have the designer or print shop run off a master copy of the newsletter. You can then use the master to make as many additional copies as you need. A good copy machine will give you the quality you need.
Your mailing list should include your customers and any prospects you would like to target. If you don’t have a list you can purchase one from companies that supply mailing lists.
Write and mail out new newsletters as regularly as is possible. Monthly newsletters usually require too much work. But, on the other hand, if you’re using newsletters as a central marketing tool, monthly mailings may be best for your purposes. However, newsletters are effective if you do them every other month or even quarterly. Your customers and clients like to hear from you!

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