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Free tax options save time and money

Free tax options save time and money

(NAPS)-It's that time of year again-time to file your taxes. And this year, millions of Americans can file their taxes for free online or at a low cost using their iPhone or Android smartphones.
Shelby H., from Santa Monica, Calif., takes advantage of free online tax preparation and filing. "Online tax preparation is really easy and fast and I can e-file so I get my refund back in about a week. Using a free service is a lifesaver. The money I used to pay to someone else to prepare my taxes can now go towards buying gas and groceries."
Today, there are more free and low-cost tax preparation options available than ever before. Low-income taxpayers, filers with simple returns, even active-duty military personnel are among those who can benefit from free online tax preparation and filing options.
File for Free
The IRS Free File program provides free tax preparation for middle- and low-income taxpayers. Taxpayers with an adjusted gross income (AGI) of $58,000 or less, about 70 percent of all taxpayers, can get free online tax preparation and e-filing through the Free File Alliance at
Many tax preparation software companies offer a free version of their products available to consumers, regardless of income. TurboTax has one-designed for taxpayers with relatively straightforward tax returns-that guides you step by step through your tax return and searches for all the tax credits you're eligible for to get you the biggest refund possible, guaranteed.
File on Your Smartphone
Rather file your taxes on your smartphone? If you have a 1040EZ, you can file your taxes on your iPhone or Android phone with SnapTax. All you do is snap a photo of your W-2 on your phone and answer a few simple questions. The app is free to download in the Apple App Store and Android Market. You only pay the low $14.99 introductory price when you're ready to file your return.
Faster Refunds
E-filing is the fastest way to get your refund. You'll receive your tax refund in about eight days with direct deposit versus waiting four to six weeks if you file by paper. But what if you don't have a bank account? You can still e-file and get your refund back fast by choosing a prepaid debit card such as the TurboTax Refund Card. No check cashing, bank account or credit check is required, and you can use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. Your money is even protected if your card is lost or stolen.
With all these free options available, don't wait. For more information, go to

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