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Your Insurance Matters: Are you the right man? Are you the right woman?

Your Insurance Matters
Are you the right man? Are you the right woman?
By Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU

Are you the right man? Are you the right woman? Are you thinking of a new career? Have you considered the field of life insurance? Many advantages await you in this type of work.
First of all, there are some differences from other types of positions. It offers pay for performance. Your compensation is in the form of a commission rather than a salary. At first, you may receive a salary while you're learning. But as soon as possible, you'll want to be on your own and "write your own ticket".
The same compensation arrangements are paid to women and men - no differences there. And you're not pushed aside because of your age.
This business, and it is a business, and you'll build your own business in this career, is a people business. It is all about building relationships. You'll find that the people in life insurance are giving of themselves and willing to help and share.
Life insurance selling offers a career -- not just a job, not just a stopgap. It is something you build. It is a path.
Unlike the work schedule you might be used to, life insurance sales is not necessarily 9 to 5. You can arrange your hours to suit your own life demands. For people with young children, this flexibility can be a real lifesaver.
For example, some people prefer appointments in the evenings. Other people might find weekends more convenient. And, of course, there are plenty of life insurance professionals who work the 9 to 5 schedule.
There is a lot of self-discipline in a career of life insurance selling. You are the one who will make things happen. You are the one who finds new customers. You are the one who follows through on the details of your cases.
You are also the person who may deliver a life insurance check to a grieving family. That check will be appreciated in a way you never experienced before. Your work will be appreciated.
Life insurance delivers. And you might be the insurance professional who shows up with that check. I have. It's a visit you'll never forget.
Don't worry. You'll get plenty of training and support as you learn.
Many people think of selling in a negative way. But, done right, selling is giving.
Yes, selling is giving. You are helping people. You help them plan for financial security and well being of their families, their businesses, and their charities.
Are you willing to work, study, and make life insurance your career? Do you like people? Are you mature? Are you willing to devote some long hours while you learn?
In addition to life insurance sales, there are opportunities in management. Recruiting and training new agents are part of this responsibility.
Today, there may be greater opportunities in life insurance than in any other business.
If you think this might be for you, there are lots of companies you can contact. Insurance companies are always looking for mature and enthusiastic individuals who are willing to learn.

Since 1982, Shirley R. Lamdan, CLU of Hagerstown, MD has been providing independent retirement and insurance services to individuals, corporations, and nonprofits. Contact her at: 301-791-9427 or 800-628-3449. The website is Her email is:

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