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How to Start a Business, Under $100

How to Start a Business, Under $100

(NewsUSA)- If starting a business conjures up visions of spending thousands of dollars on setup costs before you ever open your doors, you're in for a pleasant surprise.
Technology innovations have made it easy to leverage your skills into a business, and money no longer has to stand in the way of your dream. Cloud computing and the ability to work virtually has made starting a business on a shoestring more possible today than at any other time in history.
There are a few key items that every business needs to get up and running. The good news is that for under $100 you can have all the right tools to get your business started:
- Business Phone Service. A business phone service projects a professional image with your customers from day one and helps you appear as an established organization. For just $9.99 a month, RingCentral ( provides more business-class services than you get from expensive office phone systems. Services include multiple extensions, a toll-free or local number, voicemail with e-mail delivery, call forwarding, Internet fax, click-to-call, dial-by-name directory and more.
- Online Server and File Sharing. Purchasing a professional-grade server is expensive. Fortunately, unless you are planning to run your own hosting company you can skip the expense of a physical server and the IT staff needed to maintain it. Egnyte ( offers a virtual server for file storage, backup and collaboration for only $15 per month. The service enables you to back up your business data, store files and even share files with customers and partners.
- Connecting with Customers. E-mail marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way to get in front of your prospects and customers or remain top of mind through ongoing communication. Start your business off right by using an e-mail marketing service like Constant Contact ( to build trust with your best customers through regular newsletters, promotional offers, event announcements, online surveys and other outreach. Constant Contact services start at less than $15 a month.
- Web site Hosting. You can establish an instant business presence with a Web site and e-mail. A professional-looking Web site will help you compete against larger, more established businesses. It is your online corporate office, but unlike physical real estate, it will not cost you a fortune (around $10 a month).
The right tools, an idea, initiative and $100 can kick off a business today.

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