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Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make: Ages 6-8

Christmas Gifts Kids Can Make
Ages 6-8

Unique Bookmarks
These make a practical gift that can be personalized by your child in a number of creative ways. Bookmarks can be made out of paper, wallpaper, ribbon, craft foam, fabric or yarn. Fancy ones can have beads or ribbons hanging from string off the top. Your child can decorate a strip of paper with colorful hand-drawn designs or rubber stamp patterns. For extra durability, laminate or cover them with clear contact paper. Create a bookworm by gluing on eyes, a pom-pom nose and pipe-cleaner antennae.

Key Chains
Key chains can be made a variety of ways. The easiest is to use large plastic or glass beads with a durable string or plastic lacing material. Simply place all of the beads into a bowl and let your child create on their own. Purchase the rings at a local craft supply at very little cost. To personalize the key chain, use a small piece of "Fun Foam" and recipient's name with fabric paint. Cut or punch a hole and attach it to the ring.

Postal Paperweight
Your kids will have fun sorting through the mail to collect interesting stamps. When they've collected several, soak the stamps in warm water until they separate from their envelopes. Let the stamps dry. Then glue them onto a small rock. Brush on white glue or a clear finishing gloss.

Personalized Clock
Pop the plastic cover off an inexpensive clock and remove the clock face. Cut prepared artwork to the same size as the clock face and add numbers around the edge. Slide the artwork in place and replace the plastic cover.

Personalized Ornaments
Encourage creativity by having kids paint plain glass or plastic ball ornaments with fabric paint. Snowmen, stars, snowflakes, Santa, reindeer...many of the plastic balls can be easily filled with curling ribbon to add color. For an added touch, a special holiday message can also be inscribed.

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