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Add Holiday Cheer to Your Home with Crafts

Add Holiday Cheer to Your Home with Crafts

(NewsUSA)- Do-it-yourself crafting is all about turning a simple household item into an impressive piece of holiday dĒcor. During this year's season of celebration, creating your own holiday decorations is easier than you might think.
The Craft & Hobby Association (CHA) offers some helpful decorating tips to celebrate the season and create homemade masterpieces using basic materials:
* Ribbon. Colorful ribbon can be used to make simple bows for tying around doorknobs or pinning on curtains. By hanging ribbon with thumbtacks, you can display greeting cards by attaching them attractively to the ribbon with clothespins.
* Wrapping paper. Not just for wrapping presents anymore, this colorful paper is a versatile decorating medium. Make your front door a welcoming entryway by wrapping it entirely in paper and placing a ribbon in the center to resemble a giant present. Or create an attractive vase by wrapping an empty coffee can, leaving the top open. Place on the floor or on a table, and fill with evergreen branches and holly.
* Paper. Paper crafts are ideal for involving children in holiday crafting. Using plain white paper and scissors, cut snowflakes to display in your window, or hang from the ceiling. Add silver glitter for a whimsical sparkle.
* Natural materials. Using natural items like pinecones, evergreens and bark adds rustic beauty and aromatic touches to a quaint holiday theme. Take five or six cinnamon sticks and tie them together with ribbon to create small bundles. Display them in a bowl or on a shelf. Also, adding gold spray paint or frost to a large pinecone, and then hanging it by a string, creates a unique door hanger.
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