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Great Gifts for the Guy on Your List this Holiday Season

Great Gifts for the Guy on Your List this Holiday Season

(ARA)- Finding the perfect holiday gift for a guy can be challenging to say the least. Getting a helping hand to navigate through the endless list of products is always a welcome relief. Here is a list of products, in a variety of price ranges, that might just be perfect for the guy on your list this holiday season. After all, how many pairs of socks can he wear?
Gifts Less Than $10
Jack Link's Beef Jerky, known for quality meat snacks, is spicing up the way Americans savor their snack time with the pairing of beef jerky and beer. This holiday season give the guy on your list two flavor favorites:
* The Classic: Jack Link's Original Beef Jerky or Original Beef Steak Nuggets with a pale ale style beer
* The Steak House: Jack Link's A.1. Steak Sauce Beef Jerky paired with an ESB style beer
* The Backyard Barbecue: Jack Link's KC Masterpiece Beef Jerky or Jack Link's KC Masterpiece Marinated Tender Cuts paired with a full flavored, dry stout
* The Sweet Spot: Jack Link's Teriyaki Beef Steak Nuggets paired with a Doppel Bock or medium-bodied lager
Bottom line, guys love to snack. The unique flavors, bite sized pieces and softer textures of Jack Link's meat snacks will keep his taste buds hankering for more. Jack Link's offers a full complement of meat snacks from traditional Jerky to Marinated Tender Cuts and Steak Nuggets, all sure to satisfy your guy's snack attack. (Suggested retail price: $5.99 for 3.65 oz bag)
One of the newest fishing lures from Rapala, the Minnow Rap, features a tight wobbling action in a minnow profile. The Minnow Rap is perfect for trolling and casting. On the troll the Minnow Rap runs at 12 feet, and at 7 feet on the cast. Eight classic patterns feature a clear deep-diving lip and VMC black nickel hooks. Four new specially designed Bleeding Color Patterns are also available. (Suggested retail price: $6.99)
Gifts From $10 to $50
It's a great feeling when you can save money. The Harley-Davidson Chrome Hog Bank is the coolest way to save all year long. This high-polish chrome bank in the shape of a hog features Harley-Davidson graphics engraved on both sides and is the perfect size to be placed in any location. (Suggested retail price: $40)
Gifts $50 to $100
If a hard-working jacket is on your guy's list, head over to Tractor Supply and check out the water-repellent Carhartt Jacket made from 100 percent cotton duck. The inside liner features 100 percent nylon that is quilted to the polyester arctic weight lining for added warmth. The zipper front features a wind flap with Velcro closure for ultimate protection against nature's worst. (Suggested retail price: $86.99)
Rapala introduces the jewel of fillet knives with the Birch & Salmon Collector Fillet. This knife and tooled leather sheath will make a prized possession for any owner. It features a hand-forged carbon steel blade that runs through the length of the curly birch handle for maximum strength while the handle is finished with a brass salmon head sculpture and scalloped ferrule for a one-of-a-kind design. (Suggested retail price: $79.99)
Still unsure? Harley-Davidson dealers and Tractor Supply stores also offer gift cards at various price levels, or to see the latest clothing and fishing accessories from Rapala.

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