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An Easy Way to Wrap up Holiday Gift-Giving

An Easy Way to Wrap up Holiday Gift-Giving

(ARA)- Sure, lots of places promise one-stop shopping at this time of year, but how often can you really get everything you need all in one place? A place where all the gifts come nicely wrapped, and you can find not only a nice stocking stuffer for the dog-sitter, but also great teacher gifts, something for your Secret Santa at the office, even something for the special man on your list?
Don't pinch yourself, you're not dreaming. You're looking at the Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics Web site. The bath and body company has hordes of devotees who appreciate its fresh handmade products. The company goes all-out during the holidays, putting together gift collections and individual holiday-themed products that will make you smile, not to mention take the hassle out of shopping.
No matter who you're buying for or how much you have to spend, you'll find the perfect gift at or one of their 29 shops nationwide. Here's a taster of what the LUSH elves have put together this holiday season.
A Little Something Special
We all have people on our holiday list who deserve a gift, even if it isn't a big one--the mail carrier, your kid's teachers, the baby sitter and all the hosts and hostesses of those parties you're invited to. Lush has you covered.
Bubble Bar slices are the first-ever solid bubble bath. Each Bubble Bar slice is formulated for one extravagant bath filled with Hollywood style bubbles. For the holidays, try the Bling Crosby Bubble Bar slice, a brilliant orange glitter slice shot through with a clove button and ingredients like lavandin and lemongrass to restore mind and body; the Christmas Day, a herbal/woodsy blend that will provide an all-over pick-me-up; or the Christingly, with spearmint and peppermint to leave you tingly all over.
Bath Bombs are another good choice for stocking stuffers. Added to the bath water, they burst forth with a mass of fragrant fizzing, sometimes launching flower petals, natural butters, fruit, leaves and even confetti along with essential oils. Special holiday bath bombs include Twinkle, a baby one that leaves skin glowing with pink-gold sparkles; Christmas Party, with stars, glitter and colored confetti; and Wish Upon a Star, with the fresh seasonal scent of pine oil.
The Grand Gesture
If you want to make an impression, go for one of Lush's pre-wrapped gift collections. They come in small, medium and large, so you can be as generous as you like.
Start small with the White Christmas package, a cute blue box splatter with snowballs and tied up in a white ribbon that holds a Mr. Butterball Snowman bath bomb and Snowcake soap. If you're looking for something more masculine, there's Stocking Fella, containing Ol' Blue Skies is Back shower gel and Ice Blue soap, all wrapped in silver lame paper.
For someone who is a bit more deserving, try Chirpy Christmas, a combination of Green Wing bath bomb, Christmas Kiss Bubble Bar slice, Snowcake soap, Puddy Holly bath bomb and Wish Upon a Star bath bomb.
And for that special someone who has been very, very good this year, go all out with the Wish List, a bright red hatbox covered with gold stars and ribbon that contains everything a Lush fan could hope for--and more. This gift includes a Wish Upon a Star bath bomb, Christmas Party bath bomb, Puddy Holly bath bomb, Snowcake soap, Jingle Spells bath bomb, Ol' Blue Skies is Back shower gel, Mr. Butterball Snowman bath bomb, Merry Christmas massage bar, Christmas Day Bubble Bar slice, Green Wing bath bomb, Christingly Bubble Bar slice, Christmas Kiss Bubble Bar slice, Champagne Snow Shower jelly, Bling Crosby Bubble Bar slice and Bob soap.
Want more? Head to to see all the fabulous gift selections and find the LUSH beauty-deli nearest you.

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