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Top Toys Of 2005 For Kids of All Ages!

Top Toys Of 2005 For Kids of All Ages!
Compiled by Jennifer LB Leese

The holiday season goes hand in hand with toy shopping. Toy shopping needn't be stressful if you plan ahead and decide what you want. The best thing to do is to narrow down your choices to a few select toys.
How do you know which toys are the Top Toys of 2005? Don't worry, help is just around the corner! Here you will find a wonderful list of Top Toys of 2005. The toys in the Top Toys of 2005 lists have been handpicked and chosen with care. Many of these toys are toy award winners for 2005, and have been shortlisted by publications like Toy Wishes, and Dr Toy's Guide. Each toy is unique in it's own right, and deserves the spotlight.
Preschool Prep Company Meet The Letters And Meet The Numbers- Both educational and entertaining, these baby DVDs are perfect for teaching the letters and numbers to your little ones. It's amazing how babies and toddlers pick up letter and number recognition skills through these DVDs.
Press N Go Inchworm- The Press N Go Inchworm from International Playthings is a colorful and happy looking critter! Simply press down on the inchworm or gently move it to and fro, and the inchworm moves ahead. A fascinating sight for little babies to behold.
Fisher Price Laugh And Learn Musical Chair- This colorful and friendly chair offers a multitude of possibilities for your little toddler to play with and learn. The chair is interactive, and teaches little ones the opposites, counting and a host of other skills. The attached side table comes with a lamp, a book and a clock which make sounds and talk. I recommend this chair for children between the ages of 1 and 2 1/2.
Braincandy: My Five Senses- This wonderful DVD for toddlers features lots of playful puppets with names like Ivy Eyes, Harry Hand, Nusi Nose, Mojo Mouth and Ana Ear! Each puppet represents one of the 5 senses - sight, touch, smell, taste and sound. This video is very educational and refreshingly different. Your toddler will love to dance to the catchy background music and interact with the puppets.
Fisher-Price Read with Me DVD- The Fisher-Price Read With Me DVD System is a great concept. It works with your existing TV set and DVD player, and provides kids with an interactive, fun filled version of their most popular stories (which come on CD-Rom). Kids can choose to hear the animated stories or turn off the narration and read the stories at their own pace, play interactive games or even highlight words on the TV screen to hear their meanings. This is all possible through the kid-friendly remote provided.
MGA Entertainment Rescue Pets- These adorable looking puppy dogs with soulful eyes are simply irresistible! The puppies come in different combinations like cream and brown, black and gray and more. Each puppy has it's own adoption certificate, and is motion activated. Everytime you go near one, it makes puppy sounds and moves. These make great pretend pets for your kids if they don't already own a real pet!
Ages 5-7
LeapFrog Leapster L-Max(tm) Learning Game System- Leapster has come out with an upgraded version of their original Leapster Learning Game System. This time, it can connect to your TV so that youngsters can interact with their handhelds and view the results on the big screen. The LMax is extremely educational, with cartridges teaching math, reading, spelling, vocabulary building and more. Your child will benefit from the Leapster LMax right upto 4th grade.
V.Smile Pocket Learning System- The VSmile Pocket Learning System is a great handheld unit which can connect to your TV. The system works with the original VSmile Cartridges that were used with the VSmile TV Learning System. The advantage of the Pocket version is that it can be taken anywhere, on the road, to a game or to a friend's house. Your child will enjoy playing the educational games and learning at the same time.
Ages 8-11
Lego Wild Hunters- Now it's possible to create creatures of the wild with this awesome LEGO Wild Hunters building set. Endless building possibilities will constructively occupy your child for hours. Another winner from LEGO!
Hasbro ChatNow- The ChatNow is like a mini cell phone, but without the fees! This glorified walky talky can be used to stay in touch with your friends upto a 2 mile radius. Messages can be texted across, calls can be made, and pictures can be clicked with the built in digital camera. The unit runs on batteries.
Teens & Electronic Toys
Wow Wee's Roboraptor- This latest hitech toy dinosaur robot from Wow Wee International is fascinating to say the least! It can do a number of functions including move forward and backward, make sounds, and sense if someone or something is near. This robot does not come without its limitations though & reminds us that we are still a long way from the space age robots. The Roboraptor is still one of the best kid's robotic toys available today.
Zizzle's IZ- The latest singing sensation taking the world by storm is IZ - a very different musical toy. Honestly, I can't figure out what IZ is supposed to be - but IZ is so cute, that it really doesn't matter! Simply plug in IZ into your iPod, CD or MP3 player, or PC and watch the fun begin. Tweak IZ's ears or press on IZ's belly and hear variations of the music. IZ is a great entertainer, and you will enjoy watching his eyes bounce up and down and nose flash, although it really doesn't do much more.
I-Dog- The I-Dog from Hasbro is a little robotic pet who'll fit into the palm of your hand. The I-Dog also happens to love music! Just plug it into a source of music, or bring it near music to make the IDog rock! The IDog wiggles it's ears and shakes it's head in tune to the music. The LED lights on the IDog's face will show you how the IDog feels. This is a great buy if you are looking for something refreshingly different.

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