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Creating a gift to be treasured

Creating a gift to be treasured

(NAPSI)-All that glitters is golden this holiday season-whether it's delicate jewelry or sparkling ways to make your home more festive. It can also be a gift that's easier to make than you might imagine. Jo-Ann Craft and Fabric Stores offer all the basic materials and online instructions for making a variety of one-of-a-kind jewelry gifts.
In just a few hours and with some basic jewelry-making tools, you can make this season's must-have lustrous pearl bracelet.
1. Join 5 pairs of Flower Connectors with 3 silver 5mm round jump rings.
2. Attach a lobster clasp to ending of Flower Connectors with 2 jump rings.
3. To create dangle, slide one 8mm Pearl onto a headpin and form a simple loop. Repeat 9 times.
4. Create dangle by sliding one Pearl Drop on a headpin and form a simple loop. Repeat 9 times.
5. Attach 2 Pearl Drop dangles and two 8mm Pearl dangles to middle connecting jump rings, 2 dangles on each side.
6. Repeat step 5, placing 4 dangles between all Flower Connectors and between last connector and lobster clasp.
Finish this fabulous look with a set of matching earrings. Log on to for complete instructions.
Bejeweled items such as wineglass charms and napkin rings can add some extra sparkle to any home for the holidays-especially when created with beautiful Czech beads.
1. Cut 4" of 16-gauge craft wire. Bend the wire into S shape with one 1/4" in diameter and the other end 1" in diameter. Close smaller end. Leave the larger end open 1/2".
2. Cut 6" of 20-gauge wire. Tightly loop the middle of the wire around the bottom of the small end of the S-shaped wire. Thread each hole of a button through the wires. Twist the wires together twice to secure the button in place.
3. Thread Czech glass e-beads and bright acrylic miracle beads in a varied pattern. Loop the wires back through each other to secure. To finish the ends, cut wire to 1" and create a swirl with pliers. Add pieces of wire, beads and swirls as desired.
For more crafty ideas, visit The site offers instructions on necklaces, earrings, jeweled picks and many more handmade holiday gifts.

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