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Batteries included make for happier holidays

Batteries included make for happier holidays

(NAPSI)-Jump-start the excitement by remembering to provide batteries with your gift.
Heard about the latest gag gift? You put a set of batteries in a box with a little note: Gift not included.
Come to think of it, batteries around holiday time make a great gift, when so many toys and gadgets are given without any power source provided.
Even better, of course, is to give a wonderful toy or a high-tech instrument and to be thoughtful enough to also provide the batteries.
You can achieve rock star gift-giving status by doing your homework and supplying the right kind of batteries for the particular toy or gadget you are giving. Obviously, you want to find a battery that will last the longest. But know, too, that some instruments run better or provide the most power for the money depending on the category-lithium, alkaline or rechargeable.
Lithium batteries are recommended for instruments that require repeated and heavy use-such as digital cameras. Alkalines, which have a long shelf life, are great for flashlights that may go unused for quite a while but are indispensable. Rechargeables are also a good buy because over time they are the least expensive, and Energizer has options that can be recharged up to 600 times. Just remember to keep them charged and ready to go.
Whichever batteries you choose, know that you may be preventing a high level of frustration at holiday time. According to a survey of 1,059 parents, conducted in April 2010 by Impulse Research Corp., 60 percent of parents have had to cope with an upset child because a battery-powered toy or electronic device would not operate because of dead batteries. Kids aren't the only ones who get frustrated when a gadget isn't charged or batteries unexpectedly run out of juice. If you have missed a photo opportunity for this reason, you aren't alone.
So if you want to make the holidays happier, remember to provide the batteries...even when the gift is a gag.

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