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County Comment: Commissioners Approve USMH Scholarship Criteria

County Comment
Commissioners Approve USMH Scholarship Criteria
by Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

In its regular meeting on January 13th, the Washington County Board of County Commissioners approved criteria for award of the first $2,500 Commissioners' Scholarship for students attending the University System of Maryland-Hagerstown.
Previous Boards donated a total of $50,000 to the scholarship fund, administered by the Community Foundation of Washington County and USMH, and with community matching funds that are currently being raised, scholarships in the amount of $5,000 will become available in 2011.
Brad Sell, Community Foundation Director told the Board that the funds that will be used for the current scholarships were raised through the "Feaste and Frolic" event held last fall. The Commissioners' scholarship is one of ten that will be available for fall semester at USMH.
The Board was asked to set criteria for the scholarship it sponsors. Recipients would have to be residents of Washington County, have lived here for at least one year, be a graduate of a Washington County High School or two-year college program in the county, with at least a 2.5 GPA.
Applicants can be of any age group, due to increasing numbers of displaced adult workers that choose to pursue college degrees. Household income limitation would also apply, with $75,000 as the limit for family income.
The Commissioners also wanted to make sure that the recipient had an active role in the community as a volunteer.
The $2,500 amount would pay for one semester at USMH, but the cost of books would not be included.
Applications for the scholarship will be advertised in February, and the awards will be made in April or May. Interested persons should contact the Center's financial aid office at 240-527-2060 or go online to

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