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Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

A heartfelt THANK YOU to the wonderful caring staff at Hampton Inn. We had the misfortune of having our car break down on our return to upstate New York from seeing our children in North Carolina.
What a way to end our small get-away giving thanks for family and Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD. We did not realize how fortunate we were to have found such a wonderful group of people to gather and help us through our misfortune. From management, to maintenance, to breakfast and maid staff. They were all so sympathetic, helpful and kind. They made many, many phone calls for assistance, offered to drive us wherever we needed to go and actually made us feel like family. You, Hagerstown, are truly fortunate to have such a wonderful place as the Hampton Inn for strangers to stop and be made to feel so very welcomed. Four days later, our car fixed, we left our friends at Hampton Inn and headed north.
It now leaves a warm feeling in our hearts when anyone mentions Hagerstown, MD. We highly recommend The Hampton Inn, Exit 32B off from 70W.
We also want to mention Roy's Quality Care at East Oak Ridge Drive, great people, treated us great and were very fair with us, given the situation we were in. Ya know, I belong to the Fire Dept/Rescue squad and I usually feel pretty good when you help someone in need, this situation is one puts a different perspective on things when I am in a situation of need and relying on people you don't know. Very impressive experience, not one bad experience did we have, even the food was great, at the Hampton Inn, at the Roadhouse, hotel employees, waiters, even the people at the Auto Zone were Great! Real good people!
Your community needs to know the kind of people and businesses you have living right there!

Donald J. Tracy, Canton NY

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