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Letter to the Editor: In Response to Nov. 9th Letter to the Editor Regarding "Teenagers and the Mall"

Letter to the Editor
In Response to Nov. 9th Letter to the Editor Regarding "Teenagers and the Mall"

Dear Editor,
I was moved by the "Letter to the Editor" that appeared in the November 9th issue. And I'd like to start by saying that I agree!
In that letter someone, who signed their name "Concerned for Teenagers at the Valley Mall" said that she had an issue with the way security guards at the Valley Mall treat teenagers, including her 17-year-old son.
I have that same concern. My son is almost 17 and every Friday, he too, goes to the mall to hang out with his friends - to eat and see a movie. Afterwards or just before they stand or sit by the bench area between the food court and the movie theatre entrance. He and his friends are also hassled by the security guards.
I personally don't understand what their problem is. What do they expect these teenagers to do? Go cruising? Hang out in McDonalds' parking lot like I used to do when I was a teenager. There is nothing here for children this age to do!
I do not like to hear that these children are being told how to dress, where to sit, where to stand, what they can and cannot do while they are there. I have NEVER been approached by a security guard when I stop and talk with a few friends. What's the difference? Their age? Just because they are teenagers doesn't mean they are up to no good!
I understand that the security guards are there to protect shoppers...but from teenagers? Come on! Stop harassing these children...find something else to do for your hourly pay.

Also a "Concerned for Teenagers at the Valley Mall"

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