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Letter to the Editor: Teenagers and the Mall

Letter to the Editor
Teenagers and the Mall

Dear Editor,
I have a concern with the way teenagers are treated when they are at the mall. I am the parent of a 17-year-old child who goes to the mall every Friday night to be with his friends. Sometimes they go to the movies. Sometimes they go there to eat at the food court. And guess what... sometimes they shop.
Teenagers are NOT always there to cause trouble. I have heard stories about the security guards at the mall and I DO NOT like what I am hearing.
What gives the security guard the right to tell someone where they can stand or sit? What gives them the right to tell someone how they can wear their hat, jacket, or pants? I don't think they are telling grandmothers and grandfathers or 40 year olds what to do. Why do they have the right to tell MY son? I don't tell my son how to dress!
If my son is sitting at the benches by the food court, why does a security guard feel the need to walk up to him and his friends and say, "You can't sit here. You gotta move." Then proceed to tell some of his friends to turn their hats around, pull their pants up, and don't put your arm over your girlfriend's shoulder. This is unbelievable to me. There's nothing better for these guards to do? Come on!
I personally think that is taking their "security" job too far. Security guards have to keep the area safe (secure)...not anger and torment teenagers just trying to have a life. Why are these teens considered a security risk? My son has NEVER been in trouble...EVER! But I can tell you these security guards anger me when I hear this...can you imagine how it makes teenagers feel?
What else are teenagers supposed to do in this area? There's NOTHING for them to do here! Give them a break!

Concerned for Teenagers at the Valley Mall

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