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County Comments: County Retirees, Employees Honored for Service

Photo Cap: Retirees Mullendore (L) and Shoop (R) among 100 employees honored.

County Comments
County Retirees, Employees Honored for Service
by Norman Bassett, Public Information Officer
Washington County, Maryland

Sheriff Doug Mullendore, and former County Administrator Rod Shoop were among over 100 County employees honored for service to the citizens of Washington County at the annual Employee Service/Retirement Awards Breakfast held on Tuesday, May 6th at Next Dimensions restaurant in Funkstown, Maryland.
Nine retirees were honored, including Major Bob Hafer of the Sheriff's Judicial Department who served the County for 35 years. William Crilly and Sheriff Mullendore each served for 25 years, and Rod Shoop served for 15 years.
Other retirees included Denzil Viands, Solid Waste, with 27 years; Terry Whittington, Sheriff-Detention with 23 years; Johnny Marshall, Sheriff-Judicial, with 23 years; Edward Robinson, Highways with 20 years and Ernest Bishop, Water Quality, with 20 years.
Honored for 35 Years of service was Rusty Bowser of the Highways Department.
With 30 years of service were Kenneth Rickett, Buildings, Grounds and Parks;
Dennis Mummert; Sheriff-Judicial; Frank Huntzberry, Solid Waste; Kathy Kefauver, Sheriff-Patrol; Christine Ellis, Circuit Court; Jay Stenger, Highways; and Terry Kline, in Engineering.
Honored for 25 years service were Robert Willis, Sheriff-Patrol; Douglas Mullendore, Sheriff; John Snow, Solid Waste; and Karen Luther, Purchasing.
20-year service honorees were, Todd Hershey, Treasurer; William Nutter, Sheriff-Detention; Roy Lescalleet, Emergency Services; Daniel Faith, Sheriff-Patrol; Daryl Long, Sheriff-Detention; Robert Mills, Highways; Thomas Long, Sheriff-Detention; Ed Parker, Permits and Inspections; Janis Bomar, Sheriff-Detention; Randall Bradley, Sheriff-Detention; Kelly Ellis, Sheriff-Detention; Dennis Minnick, Sheriff-Detention; Tony Pepple, Sheriff-Detention; Rick Curry, Purchasing; Stanley Morris, Highways; Arthur Overcash, Sheriff-Patrol.
Those with 15 years service to the County were Michael Marker, Highways; Johnny Buchanan, Sheriff-Detention; John Phillips, Highways; Mike Rohrer, Water Quality; Terry Schlotterbeck, Water Quality; Ricky Kline, Facilities; Carolyn Motz, Airport; John Pennesi, Buildings, Grounds and Parks; Shirley Mills, Solid Waste; Vinson Shank, Water Quality; Terry Wray, Water Quality; Clarence Swartz, Highways; James Cooper, Sheriff-Patrol and John Keefauver, Airport.
Honored for serving 10 years were Valerie Buskirk, Sheriff-Patrol; Tim Rowland, Buildings, Grounds and Parks; Dwayne Flook, Sheriff-Patrol; Tina Ferguson, Circuit Court; Michael Carbaugh, Sheriff-Detention; Sean Jernigan, Highways; Jonathan Hose, Sheriff-Detention; Gregory Murray, County Administrator; John Kline, Water Quality; Steven Bowders, Highways; James Kirby, Water Quality; David Sanders, Sheriff-Patrol; Eric Moats, Sheriff-Detention; Leslie Groves, Sheriff-Detention; Ann Marie Hutzell, Sheriff-Detention; Robert Hoopengardner, Airport; Daniel Hovermale, Water Quality; Shawn Stone, Black Rock Golf Course; Eric Powell, Airport; Tony Shanholtz, Highways; Lucinda Collins, State's Attorney's Office; Jay Mills, Sheriff-Patrol; Herman Stockslager, Highways; and James Clay, Sheriff-Patrol.
Those honored for 5 years service included Jeannine Klein, Budget and Finance; Robert Coe, Water Quality; Cathy Mills, Solid Waste; Kathy Schlotterbeck, Sheriff-Detention; Brian Branch, Sheriff-Detention; David Blubaugh, Highways; Robert Slocum, Engineering; James Ritz, Black Rock Golf Course; David Grabill, Sheriff-Detention; Jessica Spring, Engineering; James Woods, Sheriff-Patrol; Ronald Younker, Sheriff-Detention; Emanuel Wolfe, Buildings, Grounds and Parks; Teresa Bishop, Gaming Office; Henry Pepple, Sheriff-Detention; Kimberly Faith, Permits and Inspections; Jerry Nave, Highways; Harold Gist, Information Technologies; Justin Kelbaugh, Sheriff-Detention; Robert Jones, Community Partnership; Kenneth Kemp, Sheriff-Detention; Travis Lantz, Highways; Joshua O'Neal, Information Technologies; Gray Hebb, Engineering; Paula Fisher, Community Partnership; Jim Kercheval, County Commissioner and Daniel DiVito, Permits and Inspections.
The Board of County Commissioners began the program in 1998 to reward dedication and longevity in service to the citizens of Washington County.

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