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National Work Zone Awareness Week

PHOTO CAP: L-R: Barr, Overcash, Shrader

National Work Zone Awareness Week

In the Commissioners' meeting on April 8th, Commissioners' President John Barr proclaimed the week of April 7-11, 2008 as National Work Zone Safety Awareness Week in Washington County.
Safety Coordinator Brian Overcash and Dave Shrader, Highway Department Traffic Safety Supervisor accepted the proclamation on behalf of County employees.
In making the proclamation, Barr said that awareness of work zones helps add to the safety of our construction, maintenance, utility and traffic incident workers as they perform daily tasks. Drivers and pedestrians have the responsibility to be alert and obey traffic laws, to reduce the number of work zone incidents, recorded as three per day nationwide.
Workers are actively pursuing improved work zone safety through engineering, education, enforcement and coordination with public safety agencies to reduce congestion and accidents due to work zones.
Tips for work zone safety include; Expect the unexpected; Slow down; Don't tailgate; Keep a safe distance between vehicles and construction workers; Pay attention to signs; Obey road crew flaggers; stay alert and minimize distractions; Stay with the traffic flow; Schedule enough time to drive safely and reach destinations on time; and Be patient and stay calm.
All County departments will highlight the importance of "Work Zone Safety", and the County will continue to train all departments in safe work zone establishment and visibility.
Schrader, who deals with work zone safety on a day-to-day basis in his role with the Highway Department, is keenly aware of the importance of work zone safety, and designed this mechanism to stress this importance to others.

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