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July 22, 2007: Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Every Monday morning my husband and I stop by our local McDonald's for a fresh cup of coffee before going to the grocery store. This is where we pick up our Picket News every week.
Afterwards, we go home, sit on the porch, and I read the articles to him because my eyes are alittle, but not much, better than his.
As long time readers of the Picket News, we have never missed an issue. I just had to take a minute to let everyone there know what a great job we think they are doing. The paper has never looked better. Everything seems so new all the way down to your company advertisements, they are clear and great for old eyes. The articles are just as wonderful, with many geared toward the senior community. We couldn't be happier. We always look forward to reading the Picket News.
Now, we also receive the Herald Mail, but between us, we prefer the Picket News mainly because it is a community newspaper, but also because sometimes you just don't want to read the bad stuff. There's enough of that on television.
Do you offer home delivery, as we do not look forward to the day when we can't go for our Monday morning coffee and a read the next edition.
Please do me the favor of telling everyone on your staff. Thank you and keep up the good work!

The Rothsteins
Editor Response: We wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful letter. It's nice to know we have dedicated readers such as yourselves. It means a lot to have your work acknowledged. Our staff was very pleased. Thank you for giving us a boost.

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