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Student Leadership Washington County Graduates

Student Leadership Washington County Graduates

Hagerstown, MD- Student Leadership Washington County, a program of the Washington County Leadership Development Program, Inc. graduated its first class under the new name on May 11th.
Some four years young, the program was founded to demonstrate the learning community's commitment to creating a program which develops leadership skills in students. The format of the Student Leadership Program follows the model of Leadership Washington County, meeting once a month from September to May.
Two college credits in Leadership Development are awarded to students upon completion of the program and a community project is part of the curriculum. This year, the organization that benefited from the efforts of the 24 member class was Habitat for Humanity.
"Working with this group is exciting and rewarding in so many ways.
Each student brings their unique talents to this experience. The
chemistry among them is excellent. It gives professors hope that the
next generation of leaders will be willing and able to confront the
challenges facing them."
Dr. Altieri, president of HCC and Dr. Judith Oleks, vice president of academic affairs awarded the diplomas. Dr. Oleks was the guest speaker and spoke on the topic of "Leadership: The Power of Personal Values."
Dr. Vaughn Crowl, Louise Wine and Mike Harsh are the professors for the group. They are all trained and certified by Phi Theta Kappa International as leadership faculty.
"If there is one quality that comes to mind when I think of these students," said Cindy Kalkbrenner, executive director of Leadership Washington County, "it's confidence. This group of very talented individuals gives me confidence in our future. Our community is in good hands as these emerging leaders come into their own."
Students are nominated by their high school principal to participate in the program. In addition, the college selects ten campus leaders to participate.
"This has been a great experience. I learned many things I will use in the future. It has me thinking about perhaps one day running for public office. The local history tour and the Annapolis trip to see the local political delegation in action were especially relevant to our classroom content," commented Steven Alter, a member of this year's class.
Graduates of the 2006-2007 Student Leadership Washington County Program are:
Members of the 2006-2007 class are:
Steven Alter- Hagerstown Community College
Sherry Beer- Hagerstown Community College
Maiya Dacey- Boonsboro High School
Katie Dingee- Hagerstown Community College
Michelle Donegan- Hagerstown Community College
Lindsay Foust- Clear Spring High School
Holley Funk- Hancock High School
Erica Hernandez- Clear Spring High School
Jeanine Horst- Hagerstown Community College
Kaley Jenkins- Hancock High School
Toby Kercheval- Hagerstown Community College
Amy Matonak- Williamsport High School
Sarah Miller- South Hagerstown High School
Courtney Monninger- Boonsboro High School
Tabitha Myers- Technical High School
Umar Quadri- Smithsburg High School
Diana Reyes- Hagerstown Community College
Laura Schanno- Technical High School
Julie Sink- Hagerstown Community College
Brett Smith- Hagerstown Community College
Kelly Toms- North Hagerstown High School
Tessa VanHouten- Hagerstown Community College
Chelsea Weaver- South Hagerstown High School
Marc Weller- Smithsburg High School

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