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Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

More entrees are needed for photo contest
Dear Editor:
The Hancock Arts Council's 'Our Town' 2007 photo contest will be over in two weeks, and we need your help. More entrees are needed that exemplify life in Hancock. I've displayed some photo examples and some of last year's winners at the storefront at Main St. and PA. Ave. (was Jim's Game Room.) Entree forms and a fact sheet are available at the War Memorial Library where the winning photos will be displayed. Like last year, the Chamber of Commerce is providing prize money - $100 grand prize, and $50 for winners in three categories, people, places and things.
Anyone can enter, except the judges (E. Twigg, P. Smith, S. Bishop, S. Judge). Photos submitted should be taken after Jan. 1, 2001. Eight by ten inch photos are required so they can be displayed properly in the library. They (digital 8 x 10 enlargements) can be obtained very reasonably ($2 each) online. There is no need to frame or matt your 8 x 10 photo submission this year, as that will be taken care of by the Arts Council. Larger photos are also welcome, but framing for display will be the responsibility of the entrant. Computer printer generated photos of good quality are acceptable.
Last years grand prize-winner was David Parker with a photo of his grandson fishing in the Potomac River. It was taken with an inexpensive disposable digital camera.
We want your prize-winning photos to exemplify and promote the town of Hancock. Enter soon.
Sam Judge, Hancock Arts Council

Snow and parking response
Dear Editor:
I'd like to respond to a letter from the March 4, 2007 Letter to the Editor titled "Snow and parking".
I agree. When you take the time to shovel your car out and then clear the space your car sat in...then that spot should be yours until the snow has sufficiently melted away. Now I believe in helping out neighbors, but it's hard to help out a neighbor who steals your spot.
This last snow we received, I had my neighbor steal the spot I dug out for my wife! I asked my neighbor to move their car! He got upset, but did it.
Henry from Williamsport

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