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County Comment: New County Division will Address Environmental Issues

County Comment
New County Division will Address Environmental Issues
by Norman Bassett
Washington County Public Information Officer

The Washington County Board of County Commissioners has created the Division of Environmental Management as part of its administrative restructuring. The action, discussed in closed session on February 27 and approved in open session, incorporates the Departments of Water Quality (DWQ) and Solid Waste under one Division Director, and will address additional environmental initiatives required to be handled by the County.
County Administrator Greg Murray said a search to fill the Director's position will begin immediately.
Murray was Director of the DWQ prior to taking the Administrator's post. He said the management duties for the Department as it currently exists will be filled by two veteran staff members. Mark Bradshaw has been reclassified to Deputy Director of Engineering Services for DWQ, and Julie Pippel has been reclassified to Deputy Director of Operations at DWQ. Pippel will also serve as Acting Director of the Department of Water Quality in the interim.
Pippel had been serving as Regulatory Affairs Coordinator with the department, and was responsible for ensuring compliance with state and federal environmental regulations.
Murray said that Bradshaw, the Department's Facility Engineer, is currently handling various duties of two engineering positions as well as facilitating project manager requirements for the Department. Positions of Environmental Engineer, Project Manager and Engineering Technician III will be posted along with the Division Director's slot.
Once the Division Director position has been filled, the two Departments will be incorporated into one Division, Murray said.
Maryland House Bill 1141, passed last year, requires Counties to manage environmental initiatives in a manner that facilitates long term growth management goals. This change of structure in the County will help facilitate this goal, Murray said.
The Director of Environmental Management position will be filled at the County's Grade 19 with a salary range of $64,749.00 to $103,597.00.

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